{Christmas 2015}

Our 2015 Christmas was nothing short of amazing! I know that it's so cliche and I know that I probably say this every year, but I think it was our best Christmas yet. I took a few pictures on Christmas Eve and then some Christmas morning and then NOTHING after that! I barely even picked up my phone after "Santa". It was so nice to just be present and enjoy the quality family time.

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Christmas Eve I had to work {but thankfully I work from home}. Both of my boys were home so we got to hang out together! Work was busier than I thought it would be, but manageable. I worked until 5 because I was covering for my co-worker that took a vacation day. Otherwise I am normally off by 4. When I got off work Nathan and I got ready for Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church. We put Mason in his Christmas jams and took him to Nate's parents. We didn't think he would be able to sit through a candlelit service {adhd}, or hold a candle that long. I regretted this big time about 20 minutes into the service. After worship they called all of the kids on the stage and read them the Christmas story with scripture, but broke it out to where they would understand. Then they gave each kid a goodie bag that had a book and a glow-stick {genius} in it. The kids got to hold up their glow-sticks and the adults held the candles. I was able to bring a bag home to Mason, but I really wish we would have taken him. Next year, for sure.

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Candelight service was so moving and touching and definitely a night that I will remember always. I loved spending those special moments with my love. I love that our church does this now and that it will be one of our yearly traditions from here on out.

After service we went home to change into more comfy clothes and then headed over to Nate's parent's house. We watched tv and hung out for a while. It was a very nice evening! After we left there we went home to watch Mason's Santa video, put out our magic reindeer food and lay out our cookies and carrots. Mason actually went to sleep quicker than we ever imagined.

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Mason woke up around 9ish on Christmas morning. He barely opened his eyes and asked "Is it Christmas? Did Santa come?" We told him yes and he was ready to jump out of bed. But I made him wait so that I could get the camera ready! He was so amazed that Santa brought him almost everything he asked for {bunkbed, a red hulk, and sandman toy}.

 photo IMG_1949_zpsl5j02xyl.jpg

Santa brought 3 out of 4! 

It brought Nathan and I so much joy to watch him on Christmas morning. It's so magical and will forever be one of my favorite things to witness as a parent.

After we opened gifts we headed to the Halls for Santa and presents and brunch! Santa brought Mason a new trampoline to Nana and Papa's house. He was so excited!! We spent the majority of the day lounging around, eating and playing games. It was the perfect Christmas Day.

We celebrated Christmas with my mom's family on the 26th, but I failed to take any pictures. And then we had Christmas with my family on the 1st, but yet again I failed to take any pictures.

I made a video of all of our Christmas pictures!!

  Christmas 2015 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo .

Hope your Christmas was amazing and magical!


  1. Sounds the like perfect time! So glad you were able to enjoy so much family time!

  2. What a perfect break! Love the video, so cute that you put together. Great memories.

  3. Love that video! Such a cute idea. This post has me feeling all nostalgic for Christmas. Only 11 and a half months to go! ;) And how sweet that Mason asked for a sister. I always figured most boys would not be thrilled with that gift.

  4. I love the photos you did take! Once again I love all the bokeh! Where did you get the countdown printables? And how cute is Mason asking for a baby sister!

  5. What a great Christmas! It's so special to see our little ones have so much joy!

  6. What an amazing Christmas it really is such a magical time. Can next Christmas be here already?!


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