{The Ultimate Guide to Blog Resources}


I often get asked where I get a font, how I made a graphic, or where my social media icons are from, etc. So today I am going to share all of my secrets with you and do an ultimate round-up of the blog resources I use and love.


Designer Blogs - I have bought my last 4 or 5 blogger templates from them! They are beautiful, in-expensive and easy to install. They are also somewhat customize-able, which I prefer.

Social Media Icons - there are so many colors to choose from and each color comes in three sizes.

Design Seeds - for color inspiration

Snap Widget - for adding your Instagram feed to your sidebar

CSS Drive - I use this site when I need to know the code of a specific color. You just upload the picture and it gives you all the colors in that picture. Then you click on the color you want and it will show you the color code.

My Cool Realm - Grab-my button" code generator. Adding your button code to your sidebar makes it easier for other bloggers to copy that code and add your button to their sidebar.

Code It Pretty - adding an automatic signature to posts. And lots of other great tutorials.


Canva (free) - I use this for making my "pinnable" blog images/graphics.

Vimeo (free) - this is where I upload all of my videos. Vimeo makes it easy for sharing these videos on your blog by giving you the embed code.

Creative Market - this is where I purchase my fancy and pretty fonts that I use on my graphics & blog.

PicMonkey (free) - for all things photos. I use this one for mostly resizing. I know that the body of my blog is 700 pixels wide, so I make sure all of my photos are a max of 700 pixels wide. You can also edit, add fonts, make collages, etc on this site. I pay for the upgraded Royale version of PicMonkey and it's so worth it.

Etsy - a fabulous resource for finding design elements. I always purchase my digital backgrounds that I use to make blog graphics from Etsy

Photobucket - I upload all of my blog images on this site and then paste the code into the html version of my post.

Did I leave anything out that you're curious about?


  1. Best guide!! I'm pinning this to use as reference! Thank you! xoxo

  2. Thanks for all the sources! I'm definitely going to have to check out some fonts! Which are your favorites if you don't mind sharing?

  3. Great guide!!! I am totally pinning this for future reference!!

  4. Saving this one, for sure!! I always forget about Canva, and need to check it out!
    I've also found that http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ and http://www.dafont.com/ are great resources for fun fonts!

  5. Great guide! Thanks...so the photobucket makes sense why I can't see any of your pictures at work...I mean I don't read blogs at work at all, haha :)

  6. Such a great guide! I never thought about checking Etsy for graphic backgrounds. Great ideas!

  7. Thank you for all these great resources! Im still scared to switch over to Canva from Picmonkey because Im a nervous learner (does that even make sense?! Once Im set I have a hard time learning a new way.) Can you do a Canva turorial?! I'd be SO grateful :)

  8. What a great resource! Pinning this! The CSS color sounds interesting to me!

  9. Great resources! Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is so awesome! I have also been loving Dropbox lately so that I can transfer my photos from my phone to computer without making them blurry! It has been nice! Have a great weekend!

  11. Such a great guide! Thanks for sharing your secrets!

  12. Fantastic! I'll be doing some work at nap time!

  13. Fantastic! I'll be doing some work at nap time!

  14. Fabulous resource list! I will be checking out a few of these today! :)


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