{Guys Behind the Blog // January edition}

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Time for one of my favorite link-ups of the month! The Guys Behind the Blog with Betsy @ Heaven's to Betsy. This month's questions were a little different and in a "currently" type of format, but Nathan happily played along. Love that guy!

Watching // 
Diesel Brothers and Diners Drive Inns and Dives

Reading // 

Listening to // 
A little bit of everything, I’m a scanner.

Dreaming of  // 
Winning the Powerball!

Eating //
Don Juan’s every Monday and Wednesday and throw in a Whataburger and Golden Chick throughout the week, also whatever Mix and Match Momma meal is ready when I get home.

Learning // 
That a new vehicle is not in the budget right now...

Wishing //
Budget was bigger!

Obsessed with // 
Anything I think about.  Buying land, a new truck, my shop, what’s for dinner and This Means War.

Loving // 
Every second I get to spend with my family.

Planning //
To take a cruise and to do more fishing this year.

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Questions for February // 

1.) Where is your favorite place to go?
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  1. I love how straight forward and to the point these always are. Answered. Done. This Means War like the movie?

  2. That diners, drive ins, and dives is pretty funny to watch. I'm a scanner too and it drives my husband nuts. Lol! Is he obessing of the movie This Means War? Ha! Visiting from the linkup!

  3. Such funny answers. My husband enjoyed Whataburger on our recent trip to Dallas. He's still saving an extra ketchup packet! I couldn't partake since I'm doing Whole30. :( I hope he'll share the extra ketchup packet with me when I'm done...

    P.S. I'm hosting a daily blog challenge & link-up in February all about love & relationships. I have 15 co-hosts scattered throughout the month, so tons of potential exposure for all posts! I posted the prompts a few weeks ago if you're interested in joining us. :)

  4. Good to know my husband wasn't the only one who thought we had a decent chance of winning the powerball :)

  5. Ooh a cruise... Fun! And I get the impression none of our husbands read actual books!

  6. Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives is a great show! It always makes me super hungry lol

  7. Fist bump for also thinking to plug the kids post to.

    I laughed at the reading, so very me most of the time too and I could also go for a bigger budget :).

  8. Mix and Match Mama meals for the win! LOVE her! Did you know she's coming out with cookbooks? They're on amazon now for pre-order and officially come out on Monday!

  9. I was so excited for you ladies when I read Betsy's announcement of the Kids Behind the Blog linkup!!!

  10. Right to the point! Ha!
    Planning a cruise??? Oooooh!!

  11. Yay for DDD! Love that show. He just filmed in my hometown last week, so I'm excited to see that episode :) I think we're all with ya on the budget issue.

  12. I love Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, too! And my hubby and I are currently dreaming of buying some land and building a home. Your hubby must have been hungry when he did this, everything is about food AND that's totally fine by me. Between my hubby & I, that's pretty much 50% of our conversations!

  13. I wish I were planning a cruise too-- I need to find the right one(budget-wise) to start planning!


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