{Quarterly Goals // Q1 // 2016}

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I'm going to try again with the goals thing for 2016. But, since I know that I usually fail at monthly goals I am going to follow Whitney's lead and try quarterly goals instead. We are always so busy and always on the go, so I need to give myself more time {and grace} to achieve these goals.  My sweet friend Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls so kindly let me borrow her goals format. 

Blog //
*Be more consistent with blogging - maybe 3-5 posts week. 
*Blog about things closer to when they happen...not weeks or months later.
*Use less iPhone pics and more from my big camera.
*Use Pinterest better as a tool for my blog.
*Start the January part of my year in review for 2016.
*Reply to comments and emails quicker.

Family //
*More family Movie Nights.
*Celebrate my birthday!
*Cook more meals for my family and less fast food.
*Go on family bike rides.

Home // 
*Start a few home DIY projects that have been on our 'to-do list'.
*Deep clean and de-clutter.
*Make my kitchen more user-friendly & organized. We don't have a pantry so a lot of our cabinets have to be used for food. 

Fitness // 
*Get back into a healthy gym routine.
*Make myself get up from my desk every so often and movvveee.
*Drink more water and less diet soda.

Spiritual //
*Keep up with my bible studies daily.
*Go to church more consistently.
*Be more obedient to God.

Random // 
*Take more videos.
*Organize photos better.
*Make a video/slideshow from our annual rodeo trip and any other events we attend throughout the quarter


  1. Great idea to do quarterly goals! I have so many of the same goals. I have a ton of DIY stuff I want to do around the house, I definitely want to take more videos and be better with my blog and interaction.

  2. Girl, we can do this! I was talking with Jess from Secrets of a SAHMom and we're going to be accountability buddies, you should join us! Not sure yet what it'll look like yet, maybe a periodic check in to see progress and cheerlead, but we have time to figure it out :)

  3. Oh I'm with you on so many of your goals! It looks like we all want to purge and organize when a new year begins! Good luck!!!

  4. Good goals. I need to do the get up and moooovve part at work too! But all of these are very good goals, and I like the way that Beth set up her goals too. Good format.

  5. I just posted about my quarterly goals today too. Whitney was a genius when she did them that way. I feel like I want to get so much done that it's unreasonable to think I can do it by the end of January but in 3 months, maybe! Hopefully!
    Great goals! We have a lot of similar things we want to accomplish :)

  6. These are great- I think all of these could apply to me too... Except maybe biking with the family, since we are here in Minnesota. Maybe skating with the family!

  7. You have great goals! Quarterly is a great idea, too! Can't wait to hear how they go!


  8. This is awesome! Last year I did monthly goals and did really well up until June {I blogged Jan-April} and then it fizzled. I started my January list this weekend and now I feel inspired to take another crack at it! :) You get it girl!

  9. The quarterly goals is such a great idea! And you've set some good goals.
    I can't wait until we are at the point where we can do family movie nights. I'd love to do some decluttering all over our house!

  10. Such great goals! I love the idea of quarterly goals. I feel like my life is such a blur of spit up & diapers right now & going on very little sleep isn't probably helping me achieve my goals. Crystal, we don't have any pictures on our wall in our living room. I don't have any pictures printed of the 4 of us or the boys together for that matter. I think I need to do a better job of making goals. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Love these goals - I am stealing so many! And duh on the starting 2016 year in review. I am such a planner, but why did I never think of this? Haha!! Thanks for the tip! You can do this!

  12. Great goals! I'm the worst at replying to comments and emails in a timely manner. Definitely gonna work on that this year too. Good luck!

  13. I need to a)take more quality photos and b)organize them more efficiently.

  14. I love the idea of quarterly goals. You can make them totally seasonal they are frequent enough to not forget them and you have lots of time to work on them. Best of luck crossing things off your list. I like the idea to work on the Year end review post through the year! One friend did several posts breaking them into 3/4 months each and I thought that was a great idea as well!


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