{Happy Halloween // Halloween Costumes Past}

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If there is one thing Mason loves it's dressing up! He has a plethora of costumes and wears them on the daily. I think I will be getting up early on Sunday morning after Halloween and catching the 50% sale at Target to get him some more costumes. It's time to replace some that he's outgrowing {but still proudly wearing}. In the spirit of Halloween and all things costumes I wanted to share Mason's Halloween costumes from the years past.


Mason was only 5 1/2 months old and was teething pretty bad. He wasn't feeling it and I didn't want to put him through wearing an annoying costume. He just wore a cute little Halloween shirt instead and we stayed indoors watching movies and eating festive foods. Well, us adults did at least. Mason just wanted to cluster-nurse all day/night.

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Mason was a little Texas Ranger and melted our baseball loving hearts!! We had a lot of fun putting this one together. We found the tiniest baseball pants {xxs} and they still swallowed him. But, they were precious. He already had the jersey and we just added the socks and armbands and belt.

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Mason was obsessed with all things Fireman. His Nana went online and found him a costume that was almost a complete replica of a real fireman suit. Little did we know that he would get 3-4 years of use out of this costume. Every time we saw real firemen they were so impressed with how 'real' his suit was. 

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The famous Fireman suit again! We weren't ready to give this one up just yet. It's so perfect. And Mason was still obsessed with Firemen, so it worked. 

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We probably would have retired the Fireman suit {for Halloween at least} this year, but Mason moved to a new preschool called Firehouse Kids. The owner's wife is a Fireman so the whole school is "Fireman/Firehouse" themed. It was only fitting that Mason wear his Fireman costume to all things Halloween at school.

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He also picked out a new costume this year....WOLVERINE! We were strolling through the Halloween section at Target one day and came across this costume and Mason had to have it. He still wears this one quite often.

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2015....what will Mason be this year?? Hint - it's not the Ninja costume he recently got. Come back later this month to find out!! There may even be a family costume theme this year.

Have a fun and safe Halloween night. 


  1. Oh my goodness there was more cuteness there than I could take, that little baseball player <3!!!

  2. Omg, baby Mason! I love that little pumpkin picture! All these are so cute! When did Mason start enjoying dress up? So far Ez has zero interest.

  3. Oh how I love a good flashback post! He has always been such a handsome little guy!


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