{Ninja, Ninja Never Stop}

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Mason is obsessed with all things Ninja/Karate right now. Like obsessed. He walks around karate chopping and kicking the air nonstop. We have this book called "Ninja Ninja Never Stop" and it totally reminds me of Mason.

A bit before school started Nate & I told Mason that he could either play soccer, sign up for gymnastics again or start karate {for the Fall season}. We decided that Mason could choose 2 if he wanted...we could handle that. We are used to being busy and we do busy quite well. He chose Karate and Gymnastics....

Then school started and we realized how little time we'd have so Nate asked Mason if he wanted to do Karate or Gymnastics first. Mason very quickly and excitedly chose karate and then says to us...

"But do I have to move to China? Because that's where all the good Ninjas live!"

& he was so serious. So, so serious.

We busted a gut laughing and now it's one of our favorite stories to tell.

Anyhow, fast forward to the 7th week of school. I've mentioned briefly on this blog that Mason has had a bit of a tough time in Kindergarten. Not academically, but behaviorally. Mason is actually quite a bit above where he should be academically, despite his behavior issues at school. I will write a whole post on this soon. Most of it is just being a normal 5 year old boy. Anyhow, I told Mason that when he brings me home 3 good {as in he got in no trouble at all during the day} reports that he could trade those in for a 'prize'. Well today he had an EXCELLENT day and kindly reminded me of the promise I made him. :) The only 2 stores anywhere remotely close to Mason's school are Dollar General or Family Dollar. We went to Family Dollar. He picked out a Halloween costume over a toy. And what did he pick?

Well, a Ninja of course.

He's so dang cute in it.

While this probably won't be his Halloween costume he will have a ton of fun playing in it, I am sure.

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This makes the 5th or 6th costume this boy owns {besides all of his helmets, and army men type of stuff}. I love that he loves to play dress up. All things boy, of course.


  1. Connor has started the dress up stage so I've been looking for costumes at garage sales and consignment. i never imagined a little guy wanted to play dress up but clearly a little one's imagination knows no boundaries.

  2. Cash loves wearing costumes! I'm debating the deal at Target right now, even though he has his Halloween costume... :)

  3. Haha! So cute! He would get along perfectly with my friend Anna's boys. He is right in between them age wise to. They had a ninja themed birthday party last year. She even folded up some shooting stars out of paper. Gotta love Pinterest :).

  4. Yay for an excellent report! He's got his ninja poses down. He looks ready to move to China to study with the masters ;) Haha, love that story!


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