{Countdown to Halloween // Fall Festival}

Is it just me or are festivals just so much better in the Fall? Yes? I think so. Last weekend we went to a Fall Festival at our friends church and it was amazing! The kids got to wear their costumes and trick or treat from the church members trunks or beds of their trucks. Mason picked out his police costume to wear to the festival {after a little battle over a too little and a little too dirty Wolverine costume}. He got so many compliments on it. I think he makes a pretty cute little policeman!!

 photo 2_zpspfh9obok.jpg  photo 1_zpszkunqn6c.jpg  photo 4_zpsawbz6sim.jpg  photo 5_zpskzryjjvp.jpg  photo 6_zpszl72yhe5.jpg  photo 8_zpsku5wgjrj.jpg

One of the members set up a Kid's American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and it was a big hit. Our boys went straight for it. There was a part where you had to swing on a rope over a little pool of water. Well, both of our boys got wet in some form or fashion! Of course! Another one of our favorites was a cake walk!! A few families went in together and baked so many good. We walked by an hour and a half after the festival started and the tables were still covered in goodies!! Mason won some ghost and pumpkin sugar cookies and was delighted!

 photo 12_zpsk5lkwrde.jpg  photo 13_zpszauvvinu.jpg  photo 11_zps0bqyucqn.jpg  photo 14_zpsyxmwor1a.jpg  photo 15_zpsagngsscl.jpg

After the cakewalk they went on a hayride pulled by a gorilla! They may or may not have bumped into a powerline. Oops. Thankfully no one was hurt. Next was visiting the Waxahachie Firemen that so graciously came out and visited with the kids. They let them climb all over the Firetruck and try on the firefighter's gear. Mason was all over it...even though the firemen gave him a hard time about being a cop. We had to tell them all about his awesome Firemen suit that he wore for 3 years!!

 photo 18_zpsovakyge7.jpg  photo 26_zpsks2oszgu.jpg  photo 25_zpspibkuaix.jpg  photo 24_zps5ltns0gr.jpg  photo 23_zpslo1t2rg3.jpg  photo 21_zpsgwavggng.jpg  photo 20_zpsnmg1oext.jpg

Then it was time for some hotdogs and drinks! While us adults were eating and chatting the boys went to get their faces painted. Mason told us he was going to get a mustache and a beard painted on, but came back with a spider and spiderweb instead! Ha.

 photo 19_zpsnva0qnjc.jpg

Sweet Turtle Soup

It was a great evening with great friends! Have you been to any festivals this Fall?


  1. They are better in the fall! This looks like so much fun. MAkes me want to find a trunk or treat this year. The one we usually do isn't hosted this year, boo. I love the mini american ninja warrior one ha. And that the firemen gave him a hard time. Cute!

  2. Mason's costume looks great! So fun! Fall Festivals are definitely better :) Im kinda bummed he didnt come back with a beard and mustache haha.

  3. He's one handsome police officer! Oh, the fall is just the best!

    We have trick-or-treat this Saturday & then our little town is hosting a huge bonfire at the park! Hopefully the weather cooperates!

  4. So sweet. Mason just always looks like such a gentleman. Melts my heart. I love those handcuffs on the back of his pants too. The perfect touch to complete the costume.

  5. This looks like the best little festival!!!! Mason makes the most adorable policeman! I love the picture of him blowing his whistle too! So sweet! Oh and I love a good cakewalk!

  6. How adorable is he?! What a great costume!

  7. Oh my, talk about a perfect costume! It is perfect on him. How adorable!!!

  8. How fun!!! We're going trunk or treating at Seth's mom's church on Friday before the real trick or treating on Saturday and I'm pretty excited about it. We went last year too but Mason didn't really get it and I'm excited for him and candy this year.
    Your Mason looks SO cute as a police man!

  9. So cool that everyone went all out for the trunk or treat. Mason is such a cute cop! That photo of him with the fireman boots on is my favorite. There definitely is something extra fun about fall festivals.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!