{Bucketlist Update // Texas Antiques Fair // Halloween Crafts}

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This past weekend we traveled South for Texas Antiques Fair in Round Top & Warrenton. We went to the Spring fair and had a blast so we quickly obliged when we were invited to the Fall fair. We camped at Lake Somerville which is about 40ish minutes from the fair. It's perfect and away from the mess of traffic that accompanies the show.

Nathan, Mason and I left Friday afternoon around 1:00pm to head down there. When we arrived at the campgrounds the group was still in town shopping so we hung out at the playground with Mason. We had a great time. And the weather was not so hot and steamy...it was quite perfect.

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Lake Somerville is a really nice camping area, but could use a few updates in the equipment & facilities areas. The bathrooms were just plain nasty and the playground had all kinds of trash and glass in the gravel. It did offer some of the most amazing sunsets, though.

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Saturday morning we were up and gone by 8:30 for a day of shopping in Warrenton. The traffic was insane, but luckily we came in at the end we wanted to park and walk around at. I couldn't imagine driving down that main road into other areas. Traffic was backed up for miles! After we parked we went straight to the breakfast burritos. #priorities....Then we started walking around. The big group eventually broke into three smaller groups, which is what normally happens. Everyone wants to look at different stuff.

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We didn't buy much at all. I feel like the fair is becoming more popular and thus the prices are raising. Things were ridiculously pricey.  I did buy an adorable t-shirt and burlap drink koozie from the Junk Gypsy tent. Oh and we bought a bundle of old picket fence pieces for a project we're going to work on soon! That's about it. We didn't find anything we absolutely loved or couldn't live without. We did have a blast, though! That evening we went back to camp and grilled some steaks. It was delicious. Then Mason, Nate and I set out to look for some Blue Bell ice cream since we were in Brenham, TX afterall. But, we had absolutely no luck at all.

Sunday afternoon we came home in time to watch the Texas Rangers become the AL West Champs! What a sweet, sweet win it was.

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Mason and I also did our first Fall/Halloween craft! I found these cute little foam/carvable pumpkins and the face kits at the Dollar Tree!! So, $4 total dollars for these two adorable pumpkins! Mason had a blast decorating his 'punkin' (I love that he still calls it that) and it was easy enough that he didn't need our help. I could tell it made him feel 'big'.  He made me decorate the girl one...because...well...it was a girl and "you're a girl, Mom". And now we have two cute pumpkins we can pull out each October.

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Sweet Turtle Soup

That evening we made a nacho bar & watched the Cowboy game. I totally forgot to take a picture of our nacho bar, though! I guess we were too hungry. ha.

2015 Fall Bucketlist:

+ make s'mores or the s'mores dip

+ make a fall wreath
+ decorate the porch
+ make fall crafts - there will be more
+ take Mason on a nature scavenger hunt
+ go geocaching around our town
+ buy pumpkins
+ decorate & carve pumpkins
+ have a Halloween movie night {most likely Hocus Pocus} with themed foods
+ find Mase Halloween pajamas
+ go to Mainstay Farms/Pumpkin patch
+ make a thankful jar with Mason
+ take Fall pictures
+ have a playdate with friends
+ go to the zoo
+ go camping in a tent
+ go to Round Top, TX for Texas Antiques weekend
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ follow a Fall photo project
+ go on a hayride
+ go to the Texas State Fair
+ visit the Farmer's Market
+ take Mason trick or treating
Boo a friend
+ roast marshmallows
+ bake Halloween cookies
+ buy a few 'fall' wardrobe staples
+ go to a football game
+ nacho bar for a football game watching night

How was your weekend?


  1. Cant wait to see what you make with the picket fence posts! And I want to see you in your Gypsies tee! :) Beautiful sunsets is right, Ive been enjoying them on IG all weekend.

  2. So cute! And a nacho bar is genius. Can't believe I never thought of that before! I second what Whitney said, can't wait to see the picket fence DIY. You guys make the coolest things!

  3. I love your list!!! I remember being boo'd when I was young! Thank you for linking up!!

  4. oh those are too cute! I'm impressed with all camping now. How do you get ready in the dark? baffling. the fall fair antique show sounds fun though, although less people is always better in my book. Too bad about the prices. Time to find a smaller one?!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  5. I love Dollar Tree! I get some of the best deals there! I haven't been in since the fall stuff came out, I'll need to venture in soon!

  6. I recently saw an episode on fixer upper and the interior designer takes a trip to Round Top, TX to search for decor. I have been wanting to go ever since. haha Those pumpkins are too cute! xo

  7. those pumpkins are cute, they look like a mr. potato head, or should I say, mr. and mrs. pumpkin heads! ahah ...I need to try making a nacho bar one day!

  8. So much fun. Is everything just more colorful in Texas or do you just find all the good spots :).


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