{Hall Around Texas Family Fall Traditions}

Traditions. Oh how I love traditions. Something to look forward each year and such great memories to look back on! In our family we have all kinds of traditions for each season. I think our Fall and Winter traditions are by far my favorite, though! Below are some of my favorite Fall-time traditions we do as a family...

Go camping - we usually go with Nate's family in their Mansion on Wheels Camper. There's just something about camping in the fall. The cool brisk weather, the changing of the colors, the atmosphere, etc. The past several years we have gone to Jellystone Park...but with the recent {& not good} changes they've made recently I am not sure we will be going there this year. But, there will be camping and I know we'll have a good time no matter where it is.

Spend an afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch - by far one of my favorite traditions. For several years we went to the same little pumpkin patch a few towns over until we experienced the amazingness that is Mainstay Farms. It's the ultimate pumpkin patch! Think Latvian group swings, a Tonka dig site, a paved track with off-road huge sized pedal cars, duck races, a car painted in chalkboard paint that you can draw on, a fishing pond, hayrides, a huge jumping pillow, a three story treehouse, zip lining, a hay barn the kids can play on, superchute slide and of course pumpkins! Yep, it's awesome. 

Making Fall crafts - this is something I like to do with Mason. I find crafts that are age-friendly for him and things that he would enjoy. I love being creative with my best boy!

Picking out Mason's costume together - no spoilers, but this year is going to be fun!!

Taking Mason trick-or-treating - this is usually a family affair. And by family I mean us & Nate's parents and brother. I love that they are so involved in Mason's life and want to do things such as trick or treating with him. His daddy and uncle may even dress up with him this year. We usually have themed foods at Nate's parents on Halloween, too.

Go to Mason's school carnival - again, another family affair. #masonsentourage ha! Mason's one lucky little guy. 

Carving/Painting pumpkins - another thing I love to do with my little guy! We usually buy him a couple of pumpkins that he has full reigns over. I love seeing what he comes up with.

Take Fall photos of Mason - love love love! Mason seems a little more cooperative in the fall when the weather is cooler and he's not sweating his little booty off. And fall pictures just come out prettier.

And of course, Thanksgiving - for the last few years we have gotten really lucky when it comes to Thanksgiving. And by lucky I mean that we had many Thanksgivings on several different days and not had to split up our time by driving to and from different places. That has been a huge blessing! Normally we do an early brunch at Nate's Grandma's house on Thanksgiving Day and then spend a few hours there. Then we come home and relax a bit before having a Thanksgiving dinner at Nate's parent's house. Then we all look through all of the black Friday adds to see if there's anything we must have. Sometimes us girls will got to a store that opens and has sales that night. Friday we have Thanksgiving with my family at my parents house and then Saturdays are for my mom's extended families. Lots of good food, family and fellowship. 

What are some of your Fall-time traditions?


  1. Um, Thanksgiving on multiple days, yes please! Love all of your Fall traditions. I can't wait for Baby Fox to have a school Halloween thing. :) So fun.

  2. Although I don't like the actual task of carving, I do look forward to carving pumpkins! Icky squishy innards!

  3. so fun! I think the pumpkin patch is a perfect idea!

  4. I would love to host Thanksgiving but our home is too small so that tradition is one I wish I could enjoy but can't. Pumpkin picking is a must!

  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!! FOOD and FAMILY cant be beat!

  6. I am all about traditions and not a big fan of change! Our family loves camping, although we are pretty rugged about it. No camper here! Cannot wait to hear about all your fall adventures!

  7. Camping in their mansion on wheels! Ha. I love it. That sounds like my kind of camping!!!

  8. So much fun and so many happy traditions. I can't wait for Thanksgiving too. I saw on Facebook today that it is only 37 days away!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!