{Bucketlist Update // Texas State Fair 2015}

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On Sunday, September 27th we went to the Texas State Fair and had a blast! {And? I totally forgot to blog about it. Like slipped my mind completely. Oops!} We went with Nate's parents, his brother Ty and Ty's girlfriend Michelle. Traditionally, we always go together. This year we went a little earlier in the season and the weather was warmer than when we usually go. But, it was tolerable.

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We were expecting it to be super crowded because it was opening weekend, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't. Other than the Ferris Wheel, we walked right up to every ride that Mason wanted to ride. Often times Mason was the only one on the ride. He didn't seem to mind, though.

We started out with the Ferris Wheel because that line gets long quick. That was the one thing Mason wanted to do that day, so we decided making it first would be best. We only had to wait about 30 minutes, but that was only because the ride didn't start until 10 and they had to even out the carts/wheel. It was my first time to ride The Texas Star. And probably the last. In case you're not familiar...the Texas Star is the tallest ferris wheel in North America. It's 212 feet high, has 44 gondolas and can hold up to 264 people at once. I didn't like the way the carts rocked back and forth. Mason was a little scared, too! He was afraid of the doors opening. We went around twice. And twice was enough. I was SO done.

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After the ferris wheel we went to the aquarium where you could pet stingrays. Mason was all about that. So for 15 bucks we got to pet a few sting rays {that were actually manta rays}. I think Mason enjoyed it though, so it was worth it.

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Only Mason, Nathan and I went in the aquarium so when we were done we met back up with the group. We went through the greenery pavilion {not sure what it's really called} to see the trains and the pumpkin carver. He's so awesome! Then a few of our group rode the carousel.

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Next we let Mason ride about 10 or so rides. He totally bypassed all of the kid rides he rode in the years before and went for the bigger and faster ones. And he kept wanting to ride by himself rather than one of us going with him. Mr. Independent! ha. For the rides that he needed an adult to go with him Michelle {his uncles girlfriend} so kindly rode with him!

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After rides we headed for Fletcher's corny dogs. A state fair must. Then it was off to see Big Tex and check out the new rides in the auto area. Mason got to make a vinyl sticker to put on his Dodge powerwheels. That was pretty neat. It's a silhouette of him holding a sign that says Dodge. I can't wait to see it on his truck. {which we still need to do}

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Then we scooted on over to the Texas pavillion. We always love going in there. Mason got a free ice cream cone...and made a complete mess with it and some Texas teas were bought and we were on our way. Mason, Ty and Michelle went through the petting zoo before we took Mason to play games. We promised him that he could play games, but it had to be the last thing we did before leaving. Because, Mom & Dad always get stuck carrying all of his things he wins at the games. We've learned our lesson {may have taken us a few years, but hey!!}. Mason racked up on the games!!

More pictures mostly from my phone:

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After games we headed back to the truck and went to eat Mexican food at our favorite place! It was a great day.

2015 Fall Bucketlist Update {those that have been done have been updated with the link to the post}:

+ make s'mores or the s'mores dip

+ make a fall wreath
+ decorate the porch
+ make fall crafts 
+ take Mason on a nature scavenger hunt
+ go geocaching around our town
+ buy pumpkins
+ decorate & carve pumpkins
+ have a Halloween movie night {most likely Hocus Pocus} with themed foods
+ find Mase Halloween pajamas
+ go to Mainstay Farms/Pumpkin patch
+ make a thankful jar with Mason
+ take Fall pictures
+ have a playdate with friends
+ go to the zoo
+ go camping in a tent
+ go to Round Top, TX for Texas Antiques weekend
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ follow a Fall photo project
+ go on a hayride
+ go to the Texas State Fair
+ visit the Farmer's Market
+ take Mason trick or treating
+ Boo a friend
+ roast marshmallows
+ bake Halloween cookies
+ buy a few 'fall' wardrobe staples
+ go to a football game
+ nacho bar for a football game watching night

Have you ever been to the Texas State Fair? What's your favorite part about it? Mason is totally the rides and the games and ours is the food!


  1. What great pictures! Mason is so brave to go on the rides by himself! Good for him!

  2. Im amazed they have an aquarium at the State Fair! Pretty fancy lol. Im with you, a ferris wheel that big would freak me out. You got some wonderful pictures (as usual.) :)

  3. I'm with you, one time on the ferris wheel is enough! I hate the ones with the swingy cages. Other than that, looks like a fun time. So sweet of his uncle's girlfriend to accompany him on the rides now that he's too cool for his parents ;)

  4. I wish we would have gotten the chance to go to the fair! We went to one but it wasn't this one.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!