{Five on Friday // Palmer Night Out, Lavender Oils and Hypothyroidism}

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Happy finally Friday!! I say finally, but this week actually flew by pretty quickly. Praise the Lord! Time for the normal Five on Friday around here.

1.) Posts from this week...in case you missed it

Monday >> Our trip to Round Top Texas for Texas Antiques Fair
Tuesday >> Mason had a day off school
Wednesday >> nothing, I'm lame :)
Thursday >> Ninja Ninja never stop

2.) On Tuesday we went to the Palmer night out. Palmer is a small town close to ours and my parents hometown. I think this was our 3rd year to attend this event. It's a little festival type thing where they have booths set-up and you can get all kinds of free stuff. They also have drawings for many different types of giftcards. And the police & firemen come out and interact with the kids. It's a fun little evening. This year we were pleasantly surprised to see that Captain from the Texas Ranger games was there too! He was so much fun.

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Untitled from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

3.) Lavender oils...I started using it about 4-5 weeks ago and I am loving it. Like LOVING it. We were having some trouble with Mason at school being a little wiggle worm and chatter box and I was shopping at HEB and went past the oils aisle. I remembered how Lavender is used as a calming agent...so I quickly put that jar in my basket. At that point I was willing to try anything to help him at school. I put some on the bottoms of his feet and on his wrists every morning before school {and it's helped so much}. We also put it in our baths. So relaxing! And I have been putting a drop on Mason's pillow every night before bed. Y'ALL!!! This is where we see the most benefits with the Lavender Oil. Mason is notorious for waking up and crawling into our bed between the hours of 12-4am every.single.night. Well, since I have been putting lavender oil on his pillow he sleeps all night long in his bed. All night long! He's only came to our bed once in almost 5 weeks. And that was only because he had to pee. He went to my bathroom and then just climbed in our bed. Oh and I've also used lavender oil on his bites. He woke up one morning with 4 mosquito bites {a darn mosquito got in his bedroom and we didn't know} across his forehead. Mason is like me and swells big time with insect bites. I put lavender oil on them before we left for school. By the time we got to school about 45 minutes later they were almost invisible. I couldn't believe it. And he said they didn't itch either.

I've also put some lavender oil on a cotton ball and wedged it in my air conditioner vent in my car to diffuse it. It makes my car smell nice and makes for relaxing drives!!

I will be the first to admit that I was always skeptical about using oils. But, now I am a believer. And I am only using the HEB brand oil...and they say other brands like Young Living are much better. I may be dabbling into other oils soon.

Do you use oils? Which ones and what do you use them for? I'm so intrigued.

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4.) I mentioned a couple of times on this blog about my mom's recent diagnosis with Hyperthyroidism and how it's common in my family. Well, I have been feeling "off" for almost 2 years now. I was pretty familiar with thyroid diseases because of other family members going through it. I googled it and I had about 85% of the symptoms of HYPOthyroidism. But, I never did anything about it. Until my mom's recent episode that left her so sick. It was a scary time for all of us. And it lit the fire under my bottom to make my apt. I went on Sept. 24th and had lab work done. At that time the dr. did confirm that all of my symptoms lined up with Hypothyroidism, but were also symptoms of other things. So, they took 4 vials of blood and ran 4 different tests. He checked my thyroid, for anemia, vitamin d, and also an overall health panel.

I got my results through the patient portal on Sunday evening.

Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism and very low Vitamin D levels.

It wasn't much of a surprise, but more of a relief that there was a cause for the awful way I had been feeling. And there is medication to reverse that! I started on Levothyroxine and Vitamin D3 {800 units} last Tuesday the 29th. After about 4 days I could tell a bit of a difference. I wasn't as dog tired as I normally am.

5.) Yesterday was playoff game #1 for the Rangers. Nathan left work early to go watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings with his brother. Mason had another awesome day at school so I took him to the movies. We saw Hotel Transylvania 2. Random fact - Selena Gomez is my cousin and plays the voice of Mavis. So we were excited to see it! It was so good!

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That wraps up our week. How was yours?


  1. I'm sooo skeptical about oils, but they intrigue me so much, too. Maybe I should give them a try!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've been using the NOW brand of lavender oil for about a year now. I've had representatives of YL and DoTerra tell me it isn't as high quality as their oils are, but it has worked VERY well for me, especially with sleeping! My bottle isn't even half gone, but when I finish, I do want to try DoTerra just to form my own opinion in the difference of quality. I put drops on cotton balls and put them in my vacuum canister! That makes my whole house smell nice!

  3. I have DoTerra Lavender and love it. I made a roller ball and rub it on my temples and wrists every night before bed. I feel more rested, so I'm not sure if it's working - but I like it! I need to get a diffuser - but those are so expensive!!

  4. OK girl, lavender! We use it in baths, but I never thought about putting it on my little guy before school! Such a great idea! He's so "busy" during the day, and I think this would really help! We also struggle with him getting into our bed in the middle of the night - I'm trying that tonight! Thank you for the great tip! :)

  5. We use Lavender oil on Jack (& others for other things when needed) and LOVE them!! I will have to try putting lavender on his sheet though! I haven't heard of doing that but, it's a good idea! & Selena Gomez is your cousin!? That is a random, fun fact! LOL!

  6. I love small town fairs, what a great fall activity!
    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis of hypothyroidism but I love your attitude surrounding it :) It's rare to see people accept and find the positive in situations like that so I commend you for it, it's so refreshing!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

  7. So glad you've found the cause for not feeling 100%... Now you get to start feeling better! And you are making me want to use our lavender oil more! I got it when noah was an infant and had trouble sleeping and I didn't find it helped, but maybe it's worth a try again.

  8. I'm definitely going to have to get some Lavender oil! Sounds amazing! And I'm so glad you were able to get some relief with the medicine. Being tired is not easy with work and a kiddo.

  9. We LOVE our Young Living Lavender oil! I made Sydney her own lavender roller bottle and she always puts it on her wrists right before school so that she will stay on green, and she puts it on right before bed to relax her, we also diffuse it and add it to bath water. We seriously have a lavender OBSESSION! Sydney was having a sleepover the other night, and she thought it was the coolest thing and just kept smelling her wrists when we put it on at bed time. Lol

  10. So much to say! First, oils... I love them! I use lavender for all the same reasons as you, but I have others as well. Peppermint I like for headaches. Eucalyptus for head colds. Lemon for zits. Etc. Definitely try Doterra or Young Living! And I too have a hypothyroidism. I actually have it chronically, so I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. My recent pregnancy threw my thyroid out of whack again recently and it has been hard on me. Hopefully you can get your levels sorted out soon and it doesn't escalate!

  11. We used essential oils for a little while but I felt like they weren't really doing anything for Mason. I'm not sure if I just didn't have the right mixture or what and I might try them again. I'm definitely not opposed to them and would love for something natural to work so well for us as it does for others. Do you know a lot about oils? I wonder if there is something that could help with Mason's autism... like obviously not cure it, but help with some problems that he has. Hmm, I need to look into that!

  12. I LOVE lavender oil so much. It smells a bit like a hippy but man oh man I just love it.

    Glad to know things are lining out and you are feeling better!

  13. Totally sold on the lavender oil now. I've tried eucalyptus in the humidifier when I had a cough before, or in the shower. Can't say if it really worked, but it felt like it made my airways clearer for a little bit. I'll try anything for a decent night's sleep though, so everyone is getting dabbed with lavender oil as soon as I get my hands on some ;) So cool that Selena Gomez is your cousin. Now every time I see her in anything, I'll think of you. And I'm so, so happy that the thyroid issue is balancing out. I'm not sure how you were able to do everything you do on a daily basis with a thyroid issue. Now you'll be unstoppable!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!