{Duck Commander Devotions for Kids}

Earlier this year I went on a mission to find a kids devotional that Mason would love and understand. I wanted one that would engage him and keep his attention all the while teaching him about Jesus. I researched different ones for weeks before deciding on Duck Commander Devotions for Kids. It's perfect and Mason and I have loved it. It's everything I had dreamed of in a devotion and more. Each devotion starts with a scripture, then tells a story about someone in the Robertson family that pertains to the lesson and then closes with a prayer. As a bonus there is an "action" for each lesson which is an activity or craft. Mason and I haven't gotten to do any of the actions because we read the devotional at night just before bed.

Mason and I finished the devotional in a quarter of the time that we probably should have. He loved the devotions and each night would ask for "just one more" a few times each night. So instead of reading one each night we would read 3 or 4. He would ask me the title for the next one and then say, "Oh yeah Mama we need to read that one" and who was I to tell him no? And he says that we always "leave the best for last" meaning his devotional. We read a lot of books each night, but always save our devotional for last.

I do suggest one thing - at one point in the devotional there is a story about "obeying" and then close to that one is a devotion on "grace"...if you have a smart kid like I have then do not read these on the same night!!! haha.

Also, I've had friends ask me if you need to be familiar with the whole Duck Dynasty and their crew to read this devotional and the answer is no. Not at all. The devotions are real life lessons that anyone can relate to.

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We love this one so much that we have actually started re-reading the devotional and plan to go back and complete the actions too. It's that amazing.

This is post is in no way, shape or form sponsored, just wanted to share something that we love so much with all of you. If you're looking for a devotional for a young child I cannot recommend this one enough.

Also, do you have a kids devotional that you love? I've tried to find another one similar to this and I just can't find one. I've searched everywhere, but cannot find one with a similar structure. I bought a Boys devotional, but it hasn't engaged Mason yet. I think it's for older boys.


  1. Love this! I found a great one that I really liked for Sadie at the end of last year and we started reading it daily, as well as doing a "gratitude" journal for her. We just ask her at the end of each day what she's thankful for and then write down 3 or 4 of her responses. Check out the kids journal that Karen Scott/ The Intentional Home put out...I just ordered one and they are AMAZING. It goes perfectly with a devotional and has a space each day for the verse of the day, what they are thankful for, what they are praying for, etc. and then also pages to record things about them....like you can trace the size of their hand on one page, write down things they are loving right now, etc. It's very faith-based and is filled with woodland creatures that kids love! Can't recommend it enough :-)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!