{Little Life Updates}

What a week it has been!!
Monday night/Tuesday morning Mason started running a low grade fever. 

Tuesday - Mase woke up with fever, so I kept him home from school. Both of my coworkers were out in the am so I had to go in for a bit. Yes, I felt awful dragging Mason to my office while he wasn't feeling his best. Although, he was quite excited to go to my office. We got about 4 or so miles from the house and Mason threw up. Not a lot, but enough to scare me.  It looked to be mostly the Motrin I had just given him. He kept saying, "I'm fine Mama". We turned around and went home to clean him up and change his clothes. We were about 3 miles from my work and he started to get sick again. Not much again. I could tell he wasn't emptying his stomach...it was just the allergies/drainage causing him to get sick. He acted completely fine.
We stayed at the office until 11:00ish and headed home. Mase played off and on, but I could tell he was tired from not sleeping so great the night before. He never got sick again. Thank the Lord! 

He ended up falling asleep relaxing in his little recliner. He's never done that before. Like ever! I was incredibly shocked. He slept from 3:45 until 6:15, when we finally woke him up. I offered dinner or a bath and he went for the bath. While he was bathing his Nana, Papa and Uncle came over to deliver a gift. They ordered him a firefighter costume for Halloween. And? It's pretty amazing. It really brightened his spirits. Just an hour and a half after he woke up from his nap he was ready to go back to sleep.

He slept in his bed all night long and fever free!!!


Wednesday - Mase went back to school and had a really great day. Nathan skipped softball because he wasn't sure how Mason would be feeling {he had to tell them on Tuesday if he was in or out} So we all hung out and had a really great night! We played and laughed like crazy! We actually got Mason to sleep with us that night. But, only until 2:20 am and then he was ready for his bed. 

Thursday -We took a night off from cooking and grabbed dinner. We just hung out the rest of the night. Mason was still feeling good.

This weekend we will probably lay low. Nate has been working 12 hour days and is working overtime Friday, Saturday and Sunday {he's normally off on Fridays}


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  1. Poor Mason, hope he starts feeling better! We are laying low this weekend too, Hubby works nights this shift so he is usually sleeping during the day! Plus, I have too much homework to even think about doing anything!


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