{InstaFriday - 10.5.12}

life rearranged

 -  Daddy and Mason played work/school hookie on Monday.  I love coming home to a freshly bathed little guy in his pajamas. He wanted to color on Mommy's laptop stand.
- me at work
She reads Truth

- Acorn people for Mason
- Cool coin footprints outside my office

- Hanging out with my little man after school/work - waiting on Daddy to get home. Rangers lost the division title that day...Thankfully this little guy is here to make me smile on days like such!!

- Visiting our lovely neighbors. Mason calls them Papa Jim and Memaw. He started that all on his own and we love it. She has monster trucks for when he visits. He played chase with their little cats and they all had a blast. Oh and he climbed a tree for the first time, NBD!! :)

  - Mason found his musical set and put the drum on. He said, "But I can't find my symbol Mama" - not sure where he got that from. This set didn't come with one!
- This makes me so happy! A sign that Fall is on the way!
- A cute little pie shop around the corner from my office.

 - Mason trying on his new Winter hat.

It's been a great week {except that the Rangers played horrible and lost the division title}.

How was yours?


  1. <3 your pictures! You are gorgeous as always.
    I love She Reads Truth. I wish I could get on my Kindle or phone too. That way I can read whenever I need too :)
    Have a great weekend friend! XO

  2. Love the Texas flag painted on the propane tank

  3. Gorgeous pics!! Lachys got a wee drum like that too, except he pushes the drum plastic off and wears it instead!! Your little guys such a cutie!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!