Yesterday I had a complete Mommy-fail!!
This face?
 You'd never know he just drank {and threw up} a 1+ week old yogurt, right?
Yep, he did...

We had just gotten home from school/work and Mason took off around to the side of our house where his sandbox and outside play toys are {like he always does}. I ran inside and dropped the mounds of stuff I had in my hands onto the couch. I was heading to the side door when Mason met me there saying,

"Mommy, that yogurt was olllllllllld"

I freaked!! "Mason, did you drink an old yogurt?"

"I spit it out Mommy, it was nasty."

I ran outside and sure enough there was an old Danimals Yogurt drink on the table. He must have left it out there the last time we played. Which, totally had to be over a week ago. And just as he said, there was a spot on the concrete where he spit it out. 

I could tell he still had a nasty taste in his mouth and his face was starting to look sour. He played for about five minutes and then I saw it coming up! He ran over to me and started throwing up. Not a lot...probably just the little bit that got into his saliva. 

He bounces back up and says, "I'm o-tay Mommy." 
I gave him some water to drink and told him it would make him feel better.

I watched him like a hawk for the next 25-35 minutes until Nate got home. He seemed just fine...but I wasn't. I felt so bad that the old yogurt was left there at his dispense. 

::Hand to the forehead::

Oh and then later that night after fighting going to sleep for over an hour he says,

"Mommy, I need some water to make me feel better"

The boy doesn't forget anything........



  1. Aw this stuff happens to all of us! But it sure does make you feel terrible anyway!

  2. Haha what a cutie! Glad he was the one comforting you!

  3. Aawww but what a sweet boy to say he was "o-tay"! Precious!

  4. Glad he seems to be alright! Don't feel bad because that could happen to anyone! It sounds like you have a very brave little man on your hands!


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