{If you really knew Nathan}

  Part 1 of a 3 part Series...
Nathan - today
Mason - tomorrow
Me - as told by Nathan - Thursday
If you really knew Nathan...

...you'd know that he's the best father to our Masonbug.
...you'd know that he is a bacterial meningitis survivor {post on that to come}.
...you'd know that he loves all things outdoors; shooting, hunting, fishing, sports, hiking, camping...everything.
...you'd know that he thought we were having a girl and was totally surprised at our sonogram when we found out Mason was a boy.
...you'd know that he loves baseball and football. Like watch {or listen on the radio} to the game, watch the highlights on ESPN after the game, and then check it all out on the net. Yeah, majorly kind of obsessed.
...you'd know that he works at Lockheed Martin Missiles &  Fire Control & has for 7 yrs now.
...you'd know that he is the oldest of 3 boys.
...you'd know that he'd do anything for anyone anytime
...you'd know he's a talker. Meets lots of people, even at the gas pump.
...you'd know that he's incredibly honest.
...you'd know that he's a good listener.
...you'd know that he rarely drinks, but when he does it's Shiner or ZiegenBock.
...you'd know that he finds mowing/weed-eating therapeutic
...you'd know that he's an insanely hard worker
...you'd know that he likes to cook...especially grill
...you'd know that he's always looking for his next project {usually a vehicle or gun}
...you'd know that he doesn't do dishes {but he can stack them pretty high in the sink}
...you'd know that he's a family man through and through.
...you'd know that he has been a hands-on type of Daddy since the minute Mason was born.
...you'd know that he's a Texas Country music kind of guy
...you'd know that part of his heart is and will always be in Oklahoma
...you'd know that he wishes he would have went into the military when he was younger.
...you'd know that he's pretty calm and collected until his baby boy gets sick. Then he gets serious, serious anxiety. 
...you'd know that he's had the same best friend since he was a toddler.
...you'd know that he has a big heart and is pretty sentimental.
...you'd know that he pretty much always makes the right/best decision. I lean on him like crazy in this area. 
...you'd know that he has a hard time buying things for himself.


I will stop there. Maybe this will be continued because I could talk about this man forever!
  Oh...and you'd know that he's pretty darn hot!!!


  1. that is crazy about the bacterial menegitis!! In college there was a breakout in a dorm, so scary! Your hubby sounds like a great man!

  2. He sounds a lot like my husband, other than the sports and the cooking. Chris played sports but hates watching them, and he pretty much has no clue how to cook. He does like everything outdoors and talks alot. haha

  3. He sounds like a great guy! My husband will also talk to anyone in random places! Oh, and don't get me started on the sports obsession!

  4. I love this! He seems like such a great guy! I already knew that though. ;) I too meet friends at gas pumps. Girl I met a little old lady in line at the dollar general and she asked for my # soshe coukd visit with me and teale and she invited us to her church fall festival. D isnt sports crazy, I love baseball. I wish he liked sports a little more. I wanna hear aboit the menegitis.


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