{Ranger Games - Split Double Header}

This past Sunday we spent almost 9 hours at the Ballpark in Arlington. Why? Split Double Header!! Saturday night's game got rained out, so they rescheduled it to Sunday. We had tickets for Sunday's game for months now, which was scheduled for 2:05pm. But, because of the rain they moved our game up to 12:05. The night before we checked the weather and they only had a 30% chance in the morning. We woke up and it was pouring. I'll admit, I was discouraged and having trouble getting excited for the game. Nate and I went to 7 or 8 stores trying to find everyone ponchos...but everywhere was sold out. 

We picked up the Brower's and headed to the Ballpark. It was still drizzling when we got there. Bummer. But we were still excited about the game. There is just something about the atmosphere at the Ballpark that puts you in the best of moods. 

The rain cleared out and the game started on time!! Mercy Me sang the National Anthem and their microphones kept cutting out. It was expected with the weather, but still disappointing. We had so much fun and the game was exciting. Mitch Moreland threw us 2 balls!!! He threw one my way and I reached for it without a glove like I had some sense! Luckily Trent reached over and snagged it with his glove. He gave the ball to me, but I felt bad about it. He actually caught it! But then a couple innings later he threw another one and Nate caught it. So I gave Trent his back.

During the 7th inning we all decided we wanted to stay for the 2nd game. So, Trent found us some tickets on StubHub!! We weren't sure how we were going to get the tickets printed, but we didn't care. We just wanted to make sure we had tickets! {Later we found out there is a StubHub ticket window that will print your tickets right there at the ballpark} We ended up losing the game. It was awful and we were all so upset. But, we were ready for the 2nd game.
 They cleared the ballpark in between the games so we ran and dumped some stuff off at the truck. Then we ran to get first in line for the 2nd game. We wanted to get the prime seats in the first come first section in Center field. We made it!!

The 2nd game was fun! We loved sitting in Center field and the Rangers brought out the bats!!! Napoli {Mine and Krista's favorite} hit 2 homeruns while we were there. Talk about exciting!!!! 

We left in the 4th {I believe} inning because we were all ready to get home to our babies!! Mason was asleep when we got to him. I was bummed, but glad he was resting. I missed him!! He woke up for a split second and said, "Hi Mommy, I miss you" and fell right back asleep! We cuddled in bed all night. 

Such a fun weekend!!!
Pitchers warming up

My best friend Krista and I

I loved him before this game, even more now!

Nate and his best friend, Trent

Ball that Moreland threw to us




  1. Awesome! I love going to baseball games. Great pictures too!

  2. I am so jealous that you guys have a couple best friends(or however you would say that) All of my friends Chris doesn't like their boyfriends, and all of his friends are single! ha. So yeah, we don't have any couple friends at all. Boo

  3. Hey Crystal! Mersy me's bring the rain is one of my favorite songs!! Jealous! I just found your cute blog and added myself to your followers! I'd also love to let you know about a fun Betsey Johnson Giveaway I’m having that ends soon! I’ll leave a link below:)

    Hope you stop by and say hello, and thanks so much lady!
    Xo, Emily

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