{Mason's School Pictures}

Mason's School Pictures - Two's Class

We got Mason's school pictures back this morning and I am in love!
We missed school pictures last year because of a hospital trip {post here}. So, I was a little excited for Mason's first school pictures this year!!
This picture - 
was showing through the window on the packet and it made me start balling. He looks so big...like a Kindergartener.

I'm so in love with this little boy!!

{these are pictures of pictures}


  1. They did turn out great!!! I love his outfit. Daven's pictures were fantastic. I can't wait to show you. We haven'g got them back yet, we ordered them Monday.

    Mason does look older -I've always thought that. But, so does all Daven's classmates. They look Mason's age. My little Dav just has a baby face. ;) (And, I'm ok with that.)

  2. Awwwww! Love his outfit. He looks so big.

  3. Wow! They do a full on photo shoot with the kids. How neat is that!

  4. Such a handsome little guy! Love his little argyle sweater vest!!

  5. so cute! they grow up so fast!!! sorry for the cliche :) but it's so true!


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