{If you really knew Mason}

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Tomorrow - if you really knew me - as told by Nathan
 If you really knew Mason...
...you'd know he loves tractors and monster trucks. Like LOVES them.
...you'd know that he hates anything chocolate.
...you'd know that he drinks a lot of milk. Like 24-32 ounces a day.
...you'd know that he's a total Mama's boy.
...you'd know that he's {scary} smart.
...you'd know that he tells everyone he's four...which raises some eyebrows when we're trying to use our 2 & under FREE discount at places!!
...you'd know he prefers sprite over water.
...you'd know that he'll go a couple weeks at school with no crying in the morning and basically pushing me out the door...and then the next couple of weeks he will throw a fit for me to stay with him.
...you'd know that he's caring and compassionate, kind and respectful, witty and strong-willed.
...you'd know he's a complete yogurt addict.
...you'd know that he knows all of his colors, can count to 20, knows his abc's, can spell his name, and tell you that he lives in Waxahachie.
...you'd know that he rarely forgets a face or a name.
...you'd know that he prefers to wear a ball cap backwards.
...you'd know that he is ALL boy!
...you'd know that he's kind of a bully at school. Not in a way that he hurts others. But in a way that he kind of runs things.
...you'd know that he lights up a room.
...you'd know that he loves taking baths.
...you'd know that {as of right now} he wants to be a fireman when he gets bigger.
...you'd know that the Three Little Pigs is his favorite book/story.
...you'd know that he has a big heart and consoles other kids when they cry at school.


Again, I have to make myself stop there. I could talk about him forever as well.

I love my boys.
Oh...and you'd know he's so dang cute!



  1. This post is why I want a boy (one day). So dang cute!! I love that he's bully .. in a good way. ;)

  2. Mason is a stud muffin! I can definitely see all those features from pictures. He is so precious.

  3. Such a fun list! I can't believe he hates chocolate, but loves yogurt! He sounds like such a sweetheart!!

  4. He is super cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Crystal!



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