{If you really knew me...according to my husband}

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So, I asked my hubby to help me out with writing some things about me that only people that "really" knew me would know...

Here is what I got:

*That you are the sweetest person that they know.
*That you would give away our last dollar to help someone else.
*Have way to many reusable grocery bags!
*Have a shopping addiction even if you don’t want to admit it.
*Love baseball
*are a girly girl but can shoot.
*can out drink a man twice your size and get up and go to work the next day.  While he is puking and crying at home.
*Have had SEVERAL car accidents.
*That you don’t cook.
*Are good at planning trips
*Don’t wash the sink out after spitting tooth paste in it.
*Would do anything for Mason and I.
*Love George Straight
*have Dreams about Jason Aldean
*You talk when you are tired.
*You spend too much time on the ipod and phone.  Blogging, pinterest, instagram and others.
*You love your friends and family
*You are a role model for all of your younger cousins
*You have a sexy husband
*People have asked you what the key to a happy marriage was.
*Mason and I think you hung the moon.
 Then I asked him how hard it was to not write anything inappropriate {because I know him} and he says...

Very!  But I did it!


  1. I love how he said "you have a sexy husband"!! And I talk when I am tired too...and sometimes dont even knw it!!

  2. What a fun post. Your hubby is definitely a keeper!

  3. Husband's should always be thinking inappropriate things about their wives. haha I'm sure they would be on the top of my husband list. He always says _____ is why he married me. One track minds

  4. This is great, and you can tell he worked very hard on it! His honesty is hilarious! I also talk when I am tired, and like George Straight!!

  5. So sweet. I love hearing the things our husbands think of us because usually they are things I wouldn't have thought about. I loved the toothpaste one lol sounds like my husband.

  6. Aw! I didn't know you don't cook. Do you not like it? I think they're right about you hanging the moon. :)


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