{Weekend Wrap-Up}

Okay, okay - so I am almost a week late posting this, but it's been a busy week! We had a really good Labor Day weekend. It was a pretty big one for Mason. :) I can't wait to share!!

Friday - we drove into Arlington, TX for dinner with BrowerPower, Kelly and Phyllis. It was really nice. We had On The Border and hung out on the patio and chatted. Trent is going away on a business trip, so we are praying for him and can't wait for him to return home. I am waiting for Krista to post the pictures. Once she does I will insert them here.

Saturday - we went to Canton! We left really early and even hit a good garage sale on the way. Mason got a new Jumperoo and Walker! Oh and a barn toy set. Mason was really good at Canton. Mostly just looked around at everything and everyone, and even slept too. Nathan, Mason and I all wore matching colored shirts. It was greatness.

(Oh and for the pictures, these are from my handy-dandy iPhone. I am loving the ShakeItPhoto App. It's too hard to carry around a huge Nikon and a 17lb baby, so bear with me!)

Sleeping at Canton:

Taking a break, and mommy snapped a ton of photos:

I especially love this one! Such a precious moment!!

Lil Family Picture after Canton!

I am one lucky Momma!!

After Canton Daddy built a fence: (you'll see why later)

We had to go to Tractor Supply for these panels:

Mason, you were wiped out - so you slept the whole time!

Uncle T.Y. helped!

And Uncle Jordan came out to visit:

On Sunday you played in your new Jumperoo, some.

And one of your big milestones over the weekend, you slept in your crib for a while! Mommy stayed in the room with you so that when you woke you weren't too totally out of your element!

Later we went over to visit Nana and Papa and uncle T.Y.

(you love to look over Mommy & Daddy's shoulder while walking. And you've taken to sucking on your hand, or our shoulders)

And for big milestone #2 - you rolled over for the first time (stomach to back)!!!!

Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you, Monkey!

And on Monday - you got a new pet! Hank the Donkey :)

And for milestone #3 - Mason, you had juice for the first time on Monday. We gave you Apple/Prune juice (watered down) and you LOVED it!!! We are going to give you a little bit everyday!!

And that was our weekend! Whew!


  1. I'm so jealous of Hank. I've wanted one for years. Thanks for the info on ShakeItUp App I'm downloading it now. I still use a polaroid and love it.

  2. :) You can come visit him and play with him anytime.

    ShakeItUp is my absolute favorite App!! Enjoy!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!