{Weekend Wrap-up}

Our weekend was pretty low key! With my accident on Thursday afternoon, we didn't really feel like doing much. Our Friday consisted of hanging out/relaxing, having lunch, Dr Appt, and hanging out some more.

Mason fit into a new pair of overalls, so Momma was excited!!

Love these two boys!!

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market Downtown because it was kid's day. We were only there for about 15 minutes because 1.) Mason was asleep, and 2.) It started raining. So we had lunch in Midlothian at Hideout Burger. YUM! Quite possibly the best burgers around. And the cheese fries are slap yo momma good!! After lunch we went by Best Buy to check out their TVs since ours went out in the living room. Mason slept most of the time:

Sitting in the shopping cart for the first time (with a little assistance)

Saturday evening we just hung out with Les and Scooter.

Sunday morning we did our early morning grocery shopping and then came back home to hang out. Mason's Nana, Papa and Uncle TY kept him for a couple hours so that Nate and I could get housework done. We had to swap out TVs and rearrange the living room.

 View from back hallway:

View from front hallway. Temporary fix, our bedroom tv. And on the Rangers, of course. Does anything else come on TV?!? :)

View from back corner of dining room:

At one point Nate looked outside and said, "Look at our front yard". It felt like we were smack dab in the middle of a movie scene. (Birds, perhaps??)

It was crazy how many there were!!

Remember how I said Mason was ridiculously cute in Pajamas? Well, I have more proof:

Mason's Nana calls these his "Trent" pajamas. B/C Trent is in the AF and gets to fly awesome planes like the B-ONE!

And that's pretty much our weekend. Lots of hanging out and spending time with our amazing son!!

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