Our sweet baby boy hasn't been feeling all that great. :( He's had a stuffy nose, itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. We live in the country and we are all affected by the cottonwood and ragweed and just the normal "country" stuff, so I automatically assumed that's what Mason had. I called the Dr to see if there was anything I could do for him or give him and they asked that I bring him in. She said that babies normally don't get allergies, so they wanted to check him out.

They weighed him, 17 pounds exactly (on his 17 week bday)! Wow!!

She listened to his breathing, checked his nose and ears and said everything looked really good. They chalked it up to him having a cold. But unfortunately there is nothing you can give a baby for a cold or allergies. We are already doing all that we can do; Saline nose drops, vapor baths, Vicks baby, propping him up, etc. 

I was worried about an ear infection because he has been tugging on his left ear. Dr Gold checked it out and said it was "beautiful". She then confirmed that Mason is teething and that's the reason he's tugging on his ears. She felt two little bumps on the bottom.

I can't believe my 4 month old is teething! Seems so early to me.

Here are pics at the Dr:

Laying on the bed. He liked the way the paper beneath him "crunched"

Standing up like a big boy!

Waiting for Dr. Gold

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  1. Easton has had the same symptoms this week. Poor babies...hope Mason gets to feeling better soon!


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