{Being a Mommy/Daddy...the Scoop}

I've had several people ask me what "website" I get my being a mommy posts from, so I thought I would talk about that a little. No website to share - The "Being a Mommy" series is something I thought of while nursing my baby boy in bed one night. I was thinking about my blog and how much I needed to update it, and then the "Being a Mommy" idea just jumped in my head. Every "Being a Mommy" blog I post is something that I have experienced first-hand since being a mommy. I wanted to record all these precious moments, sacrifices, emotions, experiences, etc. After a year of recording these, I plan on turning them into a book! Can't wait!

As for "Being a Daddy" we were driving one day and Nathan said something and then said, "You can post that on the blog for what it means to be a Daddy". And so begun that series. He sends me "Daddyisms" as he experiences new things to post. I post them all as drafts (both his and mine) so that I don't miss any of them and then publish them periodically. Gotta space em out :)

And there ya have it!

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