{14 Weeks}

14 Weeks! Wow! 14 Weeks!

How and when did that happen?

Daddy calls you Monster, Mommy calls you Monkey, or Tubb-a-lub, or her sweet boy, but no matter what we call you, you always have the biggest smile on your face!  It lights up our world!!

We haven't weighed you in a while, but you are sure to be pushing 16lbs by now!

You are still eating 4-6 ounces at a time (every 2 - 2 1/2 hours)

You are still doing well with the milk-based formula, yay!

Sometimes you enjoy sitting in your swing or bouncer or bumbo seat.

When Mommy and Daddy eat dinner we place you in your bouncer in between us on the couch and you just go to town talking away! We love it.

You still love watching baseball, Rangers mostly! It's so intriguing to watch you watching the game! And it makes us so happy because we are huge baseball fans, too. Can't wait to take you to some Ranger games!!

You think Mommy and Daddy are the funniest people in the world, still

You LOVE to stand up both on your own in our lap, on the table, whereever and you like for whoever is holding you to stand up too.

You still sleep with Mommy & Daddy (you're such a cuddlebug)

Still in size 2 diapers

Mostly in 3-6 month clothing. some 9mth/12mth/18mth jammies

Love to go places and to be out and about

You are laughing more. I bet it's not long until you bless Mommy and Daddy with the good ol' belly laughs.

Your bedtime is still around 9 pm and you let us know!

Oh how Mommy and Daddy love you, sweet boy!

PS - Mommy loves how you fold your hands together as if you are in prayer at our bedtime feeding!!!

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