{15 Weeks}

Mason, you were 15 weeks on Tuesday 9/7/10. Happy 15 weeks, bubba! You are such an amazing baby with a loving and happy heart. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever say. We love watching you grow and learn new things each day.
- You love to stand up and get mad if we are sitting!
- You are very, very strong
- We are sure you are around 16.5, 17 lbs by now. You grow by the minute. Daddy loves this! Thinks you are going to a be sports superstar! - You are still eating 4-6 ounces at a time (every 2 - 2 1/2 hours)
- We started giving you juice on Monday 9-6 to help with some bathroom issues, and you love it. Something different than milk!
- Mommy and Daddy got you a new Jumperoo and walker. You fit well in the Jumperoo, but still too short for the walker just yet
- You are outgrowing most 3 month clothes. 4 & 9 month clothes fit you great. And some 12mth t-shirts too.
- We have recently introduced you to football games and you love them as much as Ranger games!! Yay! Mommy and Daddy love this! You are going to your first live football game tonight. Only for the little town of Ferris, but your 1st nonetheless.
- You still sleep with Mommy & Daddy (you're such a cuddlebug)
- Still in size 2 diapers, Target brand and they are working out so great!
- You are laughing more. We've even gotten a few good belly laughs! Greatest sound on Earth!!

Also, you had a really big weekend last weekend - but I am going to post that separately!!

We love you, Masonbug!

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