{Catching Up}

Wow, I am getting behind! It's been absolutely CRAZY for us lately. SO much going on at once. Our living room TV went out, our septic tank pump is going out, I had a wreck on Thursday and probably totaled my car, and our computer got a virus...not to mention, Mason is TEETHING. Oh what fun! And now I am stressing because my sweet baby boy gets shots on Friday!! Ugh! He's going through enough already.

I feel so incredibly bad for him and absolutely helpless! It hurts my heart to see him in pain and knowing that I am doing all that I humanly can! :(

I think the bottom left tooth is about to break through the gum. I certainly hope this happens quick and that he gets to feeling better ASAP.

A bunch of moms have recommended teething tablets. I picked some up today. Have you used them? Do they work?

Here's to praying that they do!!

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  1. HAHA disregard my last comment. I was reading from the top down!

    Teething tablets are wonderful!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!