Father's Day

First of all, THANK YOU Nathan Cye Hall for being the most amazing Daddy and Husband we could ever ask for.  Every minute we get to spend with you is a moment we will cherish forever. Thanks for all that you do for us.

I think Nathan had a great first Father's Day!!! We woke up to a super happy and adorably cute Mason. Daddy and Mason hung out on the porch while Mommy got things ready for the day. Before we left we took several pictures of Daddy and Mason together. They were matching for the day. Mason had on the cutest "I love my Daddy" onesie that his Nana bought at Target. I just love these two soooooooooooo much!!!!

We went to Babe's in cedar Hill for lunch. It was amazing as always. Mason slept right through it all :)

At Babes:

After Babes we went to visit Mason's Great Grandmother. She gave us gifts from Del. She made Mason two blankets and some birth cloths. These are special to the family as she made Nates and his brothers when they were babies as well. Very sweet!

After visiting NeNaw we went to Dairy Queen in Cedar Hill for a blizzard. YUM! Perfect Summer time treat.

Mason in the car ride home:

And Daddy trying to make "Mason" lips :)


After Dairy Queen we came back to the Halls for a little bit. Nathan took some pictures of uncle Ty with his new truck for his 16th birthday. They came out great.

Then Nate helped Ty and Jacky do a few things and us girls and Mason hung out on the porch. Mason was pretty content! He loves it outside!!

Daddy snapped this of Mommy:

It was a great family day!!

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