Mommy and Mason's first outing...alone

 Yesterday was a BIG day for mommy and Mason. We got out of the house, just us two!! Mason's Nana and Uncle Ty have been great to get us out of the house a few times a week. We have lunch and hang keep Mase and I from getting cabin fever. :)

Our first outing was an adventure, to say the least, since we are driving the big FJ. I have to put Mason's carrier in the backseat, climb in and then snap his carrier into the base, get out and them climb into the driver seat. :) I'm not going to complain about the exercise, though! Mason did really good for our outing. We first went to Wally World for forumla (still supplementing with the nursing), dog food, etc. We walked around for a while. There was nothing but elderly people there and I couldn't count on 2 hands how many stopped and talked to Mason. It was really nice! After Walmart we went to Ross for a bit. I found Mason a new diaperbag and a super cute Puma oneside. It's a 3-6 months, so I am hoping it fits when his Puma tennis shoes fit.

Mason was perfect for our whole outing, but as we were checking out at Ross I saw that look on Mason's face and I knew we were in trouble. Mason was making a surprise in his diaper. What I didn't know was how bad it was going to be. We had to go straight home, change and bathe!!!

It was a fun day, though!!! I love our monkey!!!

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