1st Night @ Home - 5/27/2010

Our First Night @ Home – 5/27/2010

I wish I could say we had a great first night, but I would be lying. It was heartwrenching as new parents to be quite honest. Mason was not a happy camper from 11:00pm to 4am. We thought he had a stomach ache. He wouldn’t settle down for anything and kept crying. Nate and I tried every trick we knew of and absolutely nothing worked. Finally Nate called Nana (his mom) to come to our rescue. She came over around 3am and helped us with Mason. She finally got him to calm down and he started to sleep. Nate and I were sitting on the couch, exhausted out of our minds and dozing off. Nana made us to bed for a few hours. It was so hard to leave our little guy and go to the bedroom without him. But we knew it was in our best interest so that we could take care of him the next day. We slept from 4-7 and then I woke up to feed Mason. I went to the living room and got Mason and then nursed him and he went back to bed. We lied down for a couple more hours and then we were up for the day. Mason was a little fussy the next day. I called the pediatrician to make him an appt. It was mainly for his jaundice and a follow up appt. Dr Moyaad wasn’t in the office, but Dr Gold was able to get him in that day. So Nate, Nana and I got ready and loaded up to head to Arlington again.

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