Day 2/3 @ the hospital

Day 2 at the hospital was pretty smooth, with the exception that I lost about 70% of my vision. It was pretty scary and I was kind of freaked out. But apparently it was a side effect of the magnesium. It was very frustrating not being able to focus on my nurses or visitors. Our first visitor was Nate's Grandmother and shortly after his family came up. We had a lot of time with just us 3 earlier that day. I was still feeling pretty crummy from the magnesium, but enjoying every second of being with our son. He's the sweetest ever and I love him so very much! They finally took me off the magnesium around 2:30 or 3 because my blood pressure was stable. I was so relieved, even though it took hours to wear off. That evening we had several visitors. It was hard for me to visit because I couldn't focus on anything. It was late that evening before my vision came back. That night we let the nursery keep Mason and they brought him to me about every 3 hours when I needed to feed him. When they brought him to me at the 4:30 feeding I kept him with me. I knew that he was going to get circumsized that morning around 7 or 8. I just held him, stared and cried for those few hours. I was really worried about the circumcision. But, it went really well and the Dr said that he did good. My poor boy! We had him with us the rest of the day. We took a couple small naps throughout the day. Dr Greve came and saw us around lunch time and said that I was doing well enough to discharge the hospital. We just had to get approval from the pediatrician. We told the nurse and she called the dr. Our nurse said that he had a touch of jaundice. That morning he was at a 9 and before we checked out he was a 12. They gave us signs to watch for at home and procedures to follow. We finally left the hospital around 5ish. Mason did so great on the car ride home. He liked the carrier and looking around. It was the cutest sight ever! Daddy was really causious driving with his precious cargo!

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