Busy Day

We had a very busy day today. Mason and Mommy had to take Diesel to the groomer first thing in the morning. It's a lot of work to get Mason and myself ready alone (keeping in mind our baby boy is totally spoiled and wants to be in our arms all the time), throw in a puppy and you can imagine :) Thankfully Mason was content in his swing for about 20 minutes which allowed me to get dressed, brush my teeth, throw my hair back, get the diaper bag ready for the day, get out clothes for Mason, fill bottles, let Diesel outside, etc.

The hardest part was getting Mason and Diesel both out of the cruiser. I had to carry Diesel and Mason's carrier both. Bow Wow was happy to see Diesel!

Before picture:


Much better!!!

After dropping Diesel off we went to Nana's house to hang out. Nana's best friend, Martha came out to visit. We hung out at the house for a bit and then Nana, Mason, Ty, Marth and I went to lunch at Panda Express. It was nice. We came back to Nana's and hung out for a while. Of course we went outside, Mason just loves it!!!

And then Daddy got home :)

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