2nd Pedi Appt - 6/1/2010

2nd Pediatrician appt – 6/1/2010

Before our appt we took Mason to Nana’s school to meet all of her friends. So many ladies came to the office to see him. Made us so proud to hear all of them talking about how perfect he is. Of course we know that, but it’s nice to hear other’s say that as well. One of the male principals made the comment, “You know, there are some babies that aren’t that cute and you have to lie and say they are…but this one is really cute”. It was a nice compliment. Mason scored some more Texas Rangers gear from Carol!! We visited a bit and then had to leave for our appt.

Pedi appt - First they weighed our sweet boy and he was up to 7lbs 4oz. Made us so happy to hear/see that our baby boy was gaining his weight back. He measured 20 inches long. Dr Gold came in and immediately complimented on him and his accomplishments. She said that he wasn’t the least bit jaundice anymore. She could tell just by looking at him. She also complimented Nate and I for doing such a good job over the last several days with our feedings and knocking the jaundice out. She’s such a sweet lady! She checked his breathing and his circ and said both were great. Dr Gold said unless needed she didn’t have to see him back for 2 months. So, we will see her again on August 6th. It’s weird – August 6th seems so far away…

Feeding Mason @ Dr Gold's office

Mason, you had a friend born today – Easton Peterman. Congrats to the Petermans and their new bundle of joy!

The Petermans:

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  1. Didnt you just love Dr Gold! She is who we go to and love her! Always so friendly and sweet and makes you feel like your doing the best job and great at encouraging new parents!

    Love her!!!


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