Spoiled Much?

As if I have to say this, Mason is totally spoiled already. Well, that's to be expected because he was spoiled before he was even born. But, he is so spoiled that he doesn't want to sleep unless he is in my arms, Nate's or his Nana's. He doesn't care for his bassinet, swing or bouncer. He will not sleep in his crib, either. Although, his crib is starting to grow on him. We change and dress him in there and he just looks around. I think he likes his room. At night he sleeps in bed with Nathan and I, usually in my arms.

Well, today we made BIG progress. He fell asleep in my arms this morning so I tried the bassinet. I had a fleece blanket in there to make it warmer, and I think that did the trick. He slept so sound in the bassinet for an hour!!!!!!! Mama turns into the energizer bunny during times like this. I took a bath, boiled bottles, did laundry, edited/posted/printed pictures, got his bath ready, packed his diaper bag, etc. Then he woke up. I took him to the computer room with me and he was content, so I put him in his bouncer. He sat in that for about 20 minutes. Then I bathed and dressed him and held him for a bit. Then I opened our side door and put Mason's swing in front of it. He sat in it for about 15 minutes. He likes to be outside, so I thought having the door open would help. :)

I am one proud mama today! Baby steps............ 

(No, I didn't leave him alone with the bottle in his mouth. I only let him eat until I fell asleep and I was there beside him the whole time)

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  1. We are having a problem with Easton sleeping as well. The only thing he will sleep in for more than an hour is his swing. I hate that he is sleeping in there at night, but whatever works! Here's hoping our boys learn to love their pack in plays!


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