Mason's Birth - 5/25/2010


Tuesday we had our sonogram at 1:45 and our appt following it. The sonogram went well and Mason passed his BPP with flying colors. At the end of the sonogram she weighed him and it showed him to weigh 7lbs 9oz. This kind of concerned me because 3 weeks earlier he weighed 7lbs 8oz. Didn't seem right that he only gained 1oz in 3 weeks. We went to our appt and Dr Greve checked my cervix. I was dialated to a 2 and 75 percent effaced. He started to review my charts and made the comment, 7lbs 9oz, he wont be too big. I said, well I am concerned about that because he is only showing to gain 1 oz in 3 weeks. Dr Greve looked back at my charts and had a very concerned look on his face. He said, you are right. Not that I am too worried about it but still could be that his abdomen isn't growing, we need to get you delivered. He and my nurse Odessa left the room to call the hospital to see what they could set up. I started having anxiety thinking that in a very short time we would be meeting our baby boy. Nate was so excited, it showed across his face. My heart just about beat out of my chest. Dr Greve came in and said, we are going to get you admitted today. Odessa was setting everything up and would be back in with the instructions. Nate called his mom and she couldn't believe it. He had to tell her about 6 times that we were serious! haha! Odessa came back in about 15 minutes later. And around 3:30ish we were making our way to the hospital (opposite wing we were on). We had to get the truck and pull around to that side. We went to the registration desk and checked in and then headed upstairs to labor and delivery. They walked me straight to our room and within about 3 minutes I was in my gown and in the bed getting things started.  The nurse hooked me up to the contraction monitor and within minutes we noticed that I was already having contractions. Then she started my IVs and the pitocin on slow drip. Sometime around 5:30 or so my blood pressure started spiking. It kept getting higher and higher. They finally diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia. I started swelling all over. So they started me on magnesium to prevent seizures. That medicine is the devil, let me tell you. It makes you feel like you have the flu. I got a bad headache, nausea and felt like I was running fever. The next day I lost about 70% of my vision. I couldn't see anything that wasn't about 6-8 inches in front of my face. Made it really hard to focus on the nurses and visitors. Anyhow, back to the birth story. When they started the magnesium they also upped my pitocin to make things run faster. Wasn't long after that and the contractions started getting really strong and painful. I asked for an epidural around 6:30, but had to let my IV bag finish first. It was around 7:15 when they gave me an epidural. Our anesthesiologist was pretty awesome and let Nate watch the entire thing. He explained everything he was doing and what I would be feeling. And to my surprise, the epi didn't hurt at all. The IV in my arm hurt much worse. The epidural kicked in about 10 minutes later and I was feeling great!! My doctor was not on call that night, so Dr Phillips took care of me. At first I wasn't happy about it, but it turned out okay. Dr Phillips was great!! He broke my water around 8:00pm. And that didn't hurt either!! Yay! He also checked me at that point and I was dialated to a 4. The Dr didn't expect me to deliver before midnight. So I just layed back and tried to relax. We had visitors, so we hung out and watched the Ranger game and talked. Around 9:45 I started feeling the contractions again and extreme pressure down low. I told my nurse that I was feeling them and she called for more medicine in my epidural. I told her I thought it was time and she checked. I was dialated to a full 10, time to start pushing!!! We started pushing around 10:30ish and Mason was born at 11:29pm. And in that moment I laid my eyes on the most perfect baby ever! And it was at that time my life was changed forever. It was amazing and I was finally a MOMMY!!!!! They laid him on my chest and the tears started flowing! I couldn't believe he was finally here.


1:45 - sonogram
2:30 - ob appt
3:30-3:45 checked into hospital
4:15 - in room getting things started
5:00 - blood pressure spiked, diagnosed with pre-eclampsia
5:30 - started magnesium for the pre-eclampsia, upped the pitocin
7:15 - got epidural
8:00 - Dr broke my water
10:30 - started pushing
11:29 - Mason is HERE!!!!

Around 12:30am they let the family come in and visit for a bit. After they all left I nursed Mason for the first time. That was an amazing experience. He latched on quickly and did really well. They took him to the nursery around 3:30 am to get weighed, measured and then he had to stay a few hours for the testing. They brought him back to us around 7:30 am and he got to spend the majority of the day with us.

We are so in love with our son! And absolutely loving being a family of 3. God has truly blessed us.


  1. Aww im so glad you posted this. I love hearing about others birthing experiences! You seem like you did so good! 6-7 hour labor is AWESOME!! :) Cant wait to read more on what you and your family are up to!

  2. Congrats!! He is adorable! Glad to hear you are all doing well! Enjoy little Mason! :) Can't wait to meet him!

    Chase, Barb, Riley, and Kinley

  3. Angelia, Art, and familyJune 6, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    Crystal, Nate, and Mason....I just love your blog! Congratulations to you both...Mason is quite a beautiful baby boy...I know you two are having the time of your lives with him blessing your life in such wonderful way. There will be many moments where as a new parent you just don't know what to me all parents go thru this...but you will both do a great job. You both look so happy when you look at him, it's a wonderful picture that's hard to capture. I am so happy for you all....can't wait to meet him.
    P.S. Just remember...God never gives us more than we can handle....even though we think we can't, he is right there beside you to help, all you have to do is ask!
    Love to you all,
    Angelia, Art, and family

  4. Stopped by from Ol Mother Hyder's place today. So nice to meet you. Great birth story!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!