{Weekend Wrap-up // Chickens, Walks, a birthday party, hockey}

Happy Monday!! Last week seemed to fly by (which was really good) but then I feel like the weekend went by even quicker. And here we are, already at Monday again. Despite how quickly it went, we had a great weekend. Here's a look at what we did! 


Thursday //

Normally, we go out on Thursdays but this week we cooked at home. It was nice to just hang out! After supper, I went on my evening walk and then outside to check on my chickens and take them fresh water. While we were out there we saw Nate's parents in their backyard so we went over to chat with them. We as in me and Lexi (my yellow lab). While we were chatting, one of my roosters came over to visit! He just flew up on the fence in between us. He's a hoot! 

This was him the day before...

Friday //

I worked and Nate picked up an overtime shift. Mason went to lunch with his Nana, NeNaw (great grandma), and some of her friends from her assisted living. They went to Cracker Barrel and had a great time! It was reported back to me how sweet Mason was with the residents and how he's such a good kiddo! Made this Mama's heart so happy and proud! He came home with an iced coffee from 7 Brews and four packs of hockey cards. He was so excited to open them and to show me! One of the cards was Gretzky, so he was pumped about that!  

After work, we took Mason for a haircut! We are finally at the stage where he goes every other Friday and it makes me so happy! For a while, he was all "I don't care about my hair" and it was like pulling teeth to get him to want to go to the barber. Now, he's in a good routine, goes to the same lady every other week, and never pitches a fit about it! Praise Jesus for small victories!! 

Then we ran to Hobby Lobby so that I could get some materials for a project. More on that later! When I walked in the doors I was instantly in Heaven! All the fall goods lined the foyer!! Oh, how I can't wait for fall and everything pumpkin!!! 

That evening we just grabbed some supper and then I went on my evening walk.

Saturday //

I was up bright and early for my morning walk. I've been taking Lexi with me in the mornings since it's not so hot and the ground isn't burning her feet! She's been enjoying it. After a couple of miles, I came home to get ready for hockey. Mason has hockey academy every Saturday morning at 10:00. It's about 25 minutes from us so we always leave an hour early to allow ourselves enough time to get there and get him ready before practice/scrimmages. 

After hockey, we grabbed a quick lunch and came home to get ready for a birthday party. We had a bit of time so Nate and I napped while Mason showered and got ready. It was glorious! Then it was time to head to Terrell for the party! The theme was so incredibly cute!! They even had a mechanical bull there! 

I didn't take too many photos because I was too busy just hanging out with my best girlfriends. It had been a while since we were all together as a group (back in May). I sure enjoyed getting to catch up with the ones I hadn't seen in a while. 

Sunday //

I was up early again for a walk. It was 68 degrees that morning and giving me a glimpse of early fall! It was exciting. Lexi and I knocked out a couple of miles. I came back and read my Bible for a couple of hours. We didn't make it to church that morning - I knew my boys were exhausted and Nate had been dealing with some allergies. Once Nate got up and around, we went outside to take the chickens fresh water, water our plants, anchor a tree that was leaning, brush Lexi, etc. Then we cleaned up and headed to town to do something fun (more on Wednesday!). Then we went to Kroger to get groceries for the week. We came home and put everything away and made some sandwiches for lunch. Then we hung out and relaxed. I ended up falling asleep for an hour while Nate watched the Ranger game. Then we started prepping lunches for this week and then made supper together. After supper, Mason and I went for a walk. Well, I walked and he rode his bike. We went the long way to Nate's parents (it's a half mile from our driveway to theirs - but a shorter walk if you cut through our back properties and gate). They were outside along with Nate's brother, so we stopped to talk a bit. Mason's PawPaw mentioned that he needed to get the commuter car over to Nate and Mason volunteered to drive it! So he drove PawPaw back to our house and his uncle Ty rode his bike behind them. I finished my walk! It's so weird seeing Mason drive, but I am glad he's getting in some practice. Don't worry, we live in a very remote area and all was safe! 


And that's a wrap on our weekend! How was yours?

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