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Happy finally Friday! This was my first normal week (working all 5 days) in a while and it felt sooooo long!! Can we go to four day work weeks? Please and thank you! Wishful hoping. Nate is off on most Fridays (unless he picks up an overtime shift) and I'm so jealous! Well, maybe I'm not so jealous of his 4 am wake-up call. ha! Anyhow, it was a pretty good week. Here are five things from our week! 

O N E //

We went to Parent/Child open hockey on Monday! It has been a while since we have gotten to do this! The rink was closed for almost 2.5 weeks and there weren't many times offered before it closed that fit in with our schedule. Mason was excited about two things - to have his dad on the ice with him and to try out his new hockey pants/pads. The other pair he got in Rookies broke and he was in need of new ones. We decided it was a good time to upgrade since he will be starting league soon! They had a blast together on the ice and were both extremely exhausted after. They decided to have a scrimmage with everyone on the ice - adults against kids - and they played so hard! 

T W O //

Fresh-cut sunflowers just make me so happy!! They're everywhere right now!! I love driving through my hometown and seeing fields of wildflowers. I hope that's something I never take for granted. I decided to cut some and put them in a mason jar to bring inside. While we are talking about things I love, Mason jars are pretty high on that list. Especially colored ones! 

T H R E E //

We were back at hockey on Wednesday for academy practice. We got more information on the league and we are all so excited about that! Sign-ups are going now until August 11th. We just have to decide what enhancement package we want to do with the league! League starts Sept 1st!! I can't wait to watch Mason on the ice!!! He's been working so hard!  Life is about to get even more busy with 42 practices and 18 crossice games!

F O U R //

Mason and I got up with the sun on Wednesday and went to downtown Waxahachie! I'm working on a few projects and needed to get some photos for said projects! We wanted to go before the traffic got heavy downtown! Mason and I had the best time walking around the square together! I'll be sharing more soon.

F I V E //

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Hope you've all had a great week! Happy Weekend.

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