{Waxahachie Wednesday // Hachie Hearts}

If you make a trip to the downtown area of Waxahachie you'll notice giant painted hearts in various nooks and crannies throughout. This public art project is called "Hachie Hearts" and features twenty-one unique painted hearts by local artists and each heart is sponsored by local businesses. This project is part of the city's "A Place in Your Heart, Texas" campaign. You can click here for an interactive map. 

The movie "Places in the Heart" starring Sally Field, was filmed here in historic Waxahachie, TX. The town has since adopted the slogan "Waxahachie, a Place in your Heart, TX". This heart project was developed as an extension of this. 

Mase and I decided to get up early one Wednesday morning and drive some of the Hachie Heart Trail. Several of them are in the downtown area of Waxahachie so we had to go before the town "woke up"! I've seen a few of these vibrantly painted hearts in passing but have never really stopped to see them in depth. I'm so glad we did this! These hearts are beautiful!! 

"Crape Myrtle Capital"
Artist - Julie Law
Sponored by: Town Square Title

"Hollywood, Texas"
Artist - Leah Lawless-Smith, Candace Faber, Steve Miller, and Mike Duncan

"All-American City"
Artist - Julie Law
Sponsored by: Onsite Construction

"High Cotton in Hachie"
Artist - Damion Brooker

"Live Life in Full Bloom"
Artist - Claire Conn
Sponsored by: Mosaic Madness

Artist - Leah Smith

We saw 7 of the 21 today. We can't wait to continue the Hachie Hearts Trail and see the rest. If you visit these hearts be sure to post with the hashtag #hachieheart

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