{Weekend Wrap-up // PTO, Hockey, 20s Themed Party}

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. We sure did! I took off work on Friday so that I could spend the day with my boys. We had some appointments and errands to run so I took PTO for the whole day. Here's a look at our weekend...


We took Mason for donuts before his appointment. The sweet lady at the donut store gave him some "extras". Look how adorable...

After our appointments, we headed to the seamstress to update some alterations on Mason's suit. She needed us to bring the shoes Mason intended to wear with the suit so that she knew how much to take up on the pant length. We bought Mason's shoes on Thursday so that we could get this taken care of. He looked like such a grown teenager getting this done!! 

Then headed to Grapevine Mills Mall to do some shopping for our California trip. Mason needed a white shirt to go under his suit and he also needs some everyday shoes. We found a white shirt, but no luck with the shoes. The mall was pretty crowded with everyone doing back-to-school shopping. 

On the way home, we stopped at Nate's brother's house so that he could help him with something on the roof. 

Then we headed over to Nate's parent's house to visit and help his mom get back her deposit from the Disney Cruise. When we were on our last Disney cruise we put down deposits to hold 4 rooms at a discounted rate for a future cruise. We decided that we probably wouldn't be doing another Disney cruise any time soon so we got the deposits back. 

When we got home I walked a mile around our property. It was too dark to walk the neighborhood.

Saturday //

I woke up early and went for a walk with Lexi and worked in my chicken coop! Then I ran to get us drinks at Sonic! Mason is still in his Combine Prep intensives for Hockey, so our class was later than we are used to. Mason got to sleep in a bit and then chill a while before his 11:45 am Hockey practice. It was so foggy in the rink so we sat on the home and visitor benches so that we could see the practices. Nate's parents joined us! Mason had a blast and said it was his best and favorite practice ever. 

After Hockey, we ran to Atwoods for chicken feed and then home to get ready for a surprise birthday party! More on this later...but it was a 20's themed birthday party! 

After the party, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Nate's middle brother and wife. Then called it a night!

Sunday //

I woke up early in the morning (3:30 am) not feeling so well. I think it was from eating supper so late. I finally fell back asleep somewhere around 6 and then was up by 9ish for the day. I went on my walk and then Nate and I did things around here. Later that afternoon we ran to get groceries at HEB. Sunday was mostly just a weekly reset day for us. 

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