{Walking // The start to my health journey}

Today marks one week since I decided to get my life back on track, health-wise. I noticed that my body is getting "soft" in most areas and I'm losing muscle everywhere. And overall, I was just feeling 'blah'. I'm always tired and have no energy to want to do anything. I was tired of feeling that way, so I made a plan to change that. Last Tuesday morning, I began by going on a walk. 


To our stop sign and back is .44 miles. I wanted more, so I walked it again, but this time I jogged for most of it. I'm not a runner and never have been so the jogging was tough!! I pushed myself. Almost a mile. By the time I did the morning chores outside (watering chickens, plants, etc) I had reached a mile.  

I have a desk job which means I do a lot of sitting throughout the day. So I made it a goal that every time my iWatch said "It's time to move" I did just that. I filled those moving times by either doing kettle ball exercises, arm weights, or squats and lunges. It felt so great to be moving more throughout the day. 

That evening, I went on another walk. Mason grabbed his hockey stick and walked with me. He practiced his stick handling and talked to me about all things hockey. It was wonderful to have his company! 

The next morning I took Lexi with me! It's a lot cooler in the mornings and the ground isn't so hot. She was so excited! We knocked out a mile. The exercise is not only great for me, but for her also! She did so good and was happy the entire time.

I have continued this cycle every day since. Walks both in the morning and the evening, exercise and just moving my body in between, and upping my water intake. I gave up diet sodas before Lent and have not picked up one since. So, I mostly drink water anyhow. I'm just upping the amount I drink in a day. Not hard with this Texas heat!!  I've walked 3-5 miles every day for a week and I'm just so darn proud of myself! I just want to look and feel healthy!! I'm also still doing intermittent fasting and only eating between 1pm - 7pm. 

Today I am starting a wall pilates challenge and will do that for a month to see how I like it. 

I'm excited to see where this journey takes me! We have some big trips coming up and I know this will help me to feel better on those trips. I'm excited! 

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