{Mason's Hockey Fittings // 2023}

Ever since our very first Star's game back in December, Mason has been obsessed with the game of Hockey! He'd been asking us to get him skating and hockey lessons. We knew that the ice skating rink at the mall offered lessons so we went there to gather information. We were all set to sign-up through them when we learned from a friend that the Dallas Stars centers offered a "Rookie" program ever so often to train kids in the sport. So, we quickly went to the site to check it out. We were 1 day late for online sign-ups so Nate called them. They still had spots open and we were able to secure one of those spots for Mase! He was ecstatic. We had our fittings for gear and were blown away by the scope of this program. 


When you join the Rookie's program through the Stars Center they fit you for everything you need from head to toe! Mason was fitted and then a bag of equipment was built for him. He got to bring it all home that evening!! We had no idea. You get to keep the equipment throughout the duration of the Rookie's program (4 weeks) and then you have the option to turn it back in, continue renting it for $20 a month, or buy it outright for $199. This is awesome of them considering that hockey gear is not cheap! That is a fraction of the price you would pay if you brought every piece individually at the store. 

We grabbed a quick supper and then Mason wanted to go show and tell his Nana and Papa everything! He tried on all the gear for them! 

Mason is ecstatic and can't wait to get on the ice!! 

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