{Christmas at The Halls // 2020}

 After we finished opening gifts at our house, we went around the corner to Nate's parent's house. It is a tradition to spend Christmas Day/evening at their house. It is usually us, Nate's parents, Nate's middle brother and his family, his younger brother and his wife, Nate's Grandmother, and Nate's Aunt. We were so grateful that NeNaw (Nate's Grandmother) was able to join us this year. There was a recent Covid positive resident at her assisted living and they had been on strict lockdown. Because of that, we weren't sure if she would be able to join us. We are so thankful they let her come! Just to be safe, we all wore our masks the entire time she was with us (unless eating). It is so special to be able to spend Christmas Day with her. What a gift!! 

Nate's parents always order Chick Fil A nuggets, Chick Fil A fruit tray, and then we bring all kinds of stuff! This year I made a cheeseball and a Christmas sweets charcuterie board. My board came out so cute and festive! I was happy with it. Now I want to make a charcuterie board for all of the holidays!! 

I had to take some pictures of everything before it became a full-blown circus in there. It doesn't take long before the floors are covered in wrapping paper, ribbons, and gifts. 

So pretty, right? 

I also had to grab some pictures of these cuties!! So fun to watch this family grow. I can't wait until there are more littles in these photos. 

And then we needed some photos with the Grandparents!! 

We could barely contain the excited boys, so next up was opening gifts. The boys had a blast and loved everything. 

Next up, the annual snowball fight! Every year, we go to Bahama Bucks and order real snowballs to throw on Christmas. We live in Texas and can't get real snow for anything! haha.

Nathan's mom found a sweater that her mom made her years ago. Nate tried it on for us! 

We spent the rest of the evening playing games. It was such a fun day!!

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