{Annual ladies baking party // 2020}

 We had our annual ladies' baking party on December 13th. This is a night where all of the ladies (well, a lot of them) on my mom's side of the family come together for a Christmasy night! We eat, we bake lots of amazing treats, we play games, we exchange gifts, and we have a blast! Circumstances almost kept us from having this party this year, but we were able to work it out! I'm so glad that we did. It never disappoints. Actually, it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions!! 

My Aunt Donia is the ultimate party planner and always does such a fabulous job! She decorates so cute, coordinates the most fun games, and always has the cutest little gifts as prizes for the games. Oh, and as a bonus, we all get to sample all of the yummy treats that everyone makes. Everyone brings empty tins and loads up a nice variety of treats to take home. I'm tellin' you....it's the BEST time! 

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