{Coffee and Community // A Christmas-y Saturday}

 A few Saturdays ago my sister in love invited Mason and me to coffee at a new shop in town! My mother in love and brother in love also joined us. Nate wasn't able to come because he was working overtime. We went to Vita Coffee House, which is owned by a friend from high school! It was so delicious and decorated so perfectly. I loved the Boho farmhouse-ish vibe of the place. 

It was nice to see Courtney and to catch up with her a bit! I got a cinnamon vanilla cold brew and it was amazing! I can't wait to go back. 

Adorable, right? It is such a cozy little space to hang out and drink some amazing coffee. 

For lunch, we went to our favorite soda fountain on the town square, Farmluck. The food there never disappoints. And, it has a farmhouse vibe there too! I just love this place and this town so much. 

After lunch, Mason and I went home to make my mother in love some name tags (of the Grandboys) for her trees. They came out so cute! We went over to deliver them and hang out for a couple of hours. 

We are so blessed by the most incredible family!

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