{A Texas snow day // 2020}

 IT SNOWED!!!! It freakin' snowed in Texas. Sure, we knew there was a chance, but when you live in the Lonestar State that chance is more like a  'haha fat chance' type of thing. Texas is a really big tease if you didn't know. We woke up to a light drizzle but saw the temps were going to drop and that drizzle would turn to snow. Still, it was an "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of morning! Not too much later, Keri texted me and said that they were getting snow at their house only about 25 minutes away! This is when I started getting excited! A bit after that, Keri texted me again and said she was getting snow in town. Her work is only about 8-10 minutes from my house. This is the point where I started checking out the door every five minutes! I'm sure my behavior echoed that of a child on Christmas morning! There is just something so magical about a snowfall (especially in Texas) and I pray that is never lost on me. Finally, a very light snowfall started. Nate and I had a couple of errands we needed to run and decided to do it early just in case the roads got bad. Again, we live in Texas and all we know is ice. We took the Jeep and I asked Nate if we could get some pictures of it in the snow before we got home. Of course, he is amazing and obliged! We drove down to our private lake to capture some photos. 

And of course, I had to grab a photo of Nate's new truck covered in some powder!!

The lake looked so gorgeous with the snow!!

By the time we got home, the yard and house were covered in a beautiful blanket of fresh snow. It was so exciting to pull up to that view! I had to jump out and take some photos from the street view!

We woke up Mason, ate lunch, and then played outside in the snow the majority of the day. Lexi didn't know what to think of the snow at first, but then she absolutely loved it. She followed Mason all day and played and played with him nonstop! She was a tired puppy that evening! Diesel wanted to love it and join in with us, but he could only take a few minutes of it. Then he was perfectly content to watch from the back door in the comforts of the warm house! 

And then the real fun began...Mason got out his Polaris to play in the snow! He had a complete blast. He told us, "I think I need a drift car when I can drive!" Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!! Not happening dude, not happening! Lexi even followed him while he was driving! 

We took a short break and went down to our neighbor's house for a bit. They had some ski gear they no longer needed so we went to take a look. Mason came back with two pairs of gloves and a pair of ski goggles. He's obsessed with the goggles and had to go back out to try them out! 

We couldn't let the day pass without building a snowman!! 

We had such an amazing day together!! Sorry for the picture overload, but when you get snow in Texas you take all the pictures.

And all the videos...

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