{Currently // January 2021}

 Time for my favorite link-up!! Currently with Anne in Residence! This month we are sharing what we are currently beginning, feeling, organizing, resolving, and wondering.

BEGINNING: Some new healthy habits! Not just because it's January 1st and that's what you do, but because I will be turning 40 this month (gasp!). It's time I make a few changes so that I feel better in my own skin! I'm talking about things like better skincare, a vitamin routine, collagen, drinking more water, etc. 

FEELING: motivated, excited, happy, blessed, anxious...all the things! We leave for the mountains in just a couple of weeks and I can barely contain myself. The mountains are my happy place and where my soul feels most alive. (why do I live in Texas again??)  We have a cabin rented in the middle of the mountains New Mexico. I am praying there is lots and lots of snow when we go. 

ORGANIZING: The Christmas stuff as I put it away. I'm going through everything and donating what we no longer use. I'm tired of storing things we never put out at Christmas time and I need the bucket space for the things we do use! I will be a happy camper next Christmas when I pull out some very organized buckets! 

RESOLVING: Hmm, I'm not so sure about this one. My procrastination with digital things? lol! In the last week, I have cranked out like 20 blog posts, 9 or 10 YouTube videos, etc. Oh, and maybe I am finally resolving this problem I have with hoarding photos on my phone! haha. I have been uploading them to my cloud and saving them to my external hard drive and then clearing them off my phone! 

WONDERING: If the next two weeks before our trip is going to drag or fly by? I'm trying to get things ready now so that I don't end up doing it all the night before or the day of! 

What are you currently up to? Happy New Year, y'all! 

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