{Nathan's Birthday // 2020}

 Nathan's birthday is just five very short days after Christmas. Usually, we are out of town either camping or up in the mountains playing in the snow. However, this year, we are heading to the mountains a few weeks later than normal. Nathan actually worked a full day of OT on his birthday. His company gets Christmas shut-down for a couple weeks around Christmas, but they are invited to work if wanted/needed. Nate was invited to work some of the shut-down. Triple time? Yes, please! 

When Nate got home we decided to have a family night. We went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (his choice) and then went to get ice cream at our favorite place in town. Chill Zero is owned by Jeepers and have become good friends of ours. It's always an extra treat to get to chat with them for a bit. 

It was a good night celebrating our favorite guy!!

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