{Christmas at the Stowells // 2020}

 I've made it to our last and final Christmas post {I think! ha}. The Saturday after Christmas we celebrated with my family at my parent's house. We did a "pajamas and pancakes" theme and it was amazing!! We not only had pancakes, but we also had every other breakfast item that you could think of. Pajamas and breakfast foods just happen to be two of my favorite things!

My sister made so much delicious food! We ate way too much and hung out for a bit! We held off as long as we could on opening gifts, but the kids were all way too excited. I love seeing excited kids on Christmas!! My parents spoiled them all, of course! Mason even got a Lego Jeep! How cool, right? 

After the kids built Legos and played with all of their toys for a bit, it was time to take some family photos! My Dad prewarned everyone that this would be happening, so it would pretty smooth!!

We capped off the night with Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition!) and a snowball fight. Both wildly appropriate for a house full of boys! haha

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