{Christmas morning at home // 2020}

 The first few hours of Christmas Day are always spent at home! Just me and my boys!! We usually try to sleep in as long as Mason will let us, but this year we were up and at it at 8 am. And not by Mason's choice, but mine! I was already awake and ready for him to see his gifts. I just couldn't help it. Plus, I knew that we had to be at the Halls around 10ish so I wanted him to have plenty of time at home to actually see and open everything. 

His face when he enters the living room is always my favorite!! I've always loved Christmas, but it's even better being a parent on Christmas. I will always cherish these sweet moments of just us three on Christmas morning.

Santa brought Mason a new TV, a mini-fridge, and a Fortnite nerf gun. It's wild to see how his list changes as he gets older. Fewer toys and more electronics/gadgets. He may be only 10, but he's a very mature 10 year old. After opening his Santa gifts and stocking, he opened the gifts from Nathan and I. 

He mentioned multiple times that this was the "Best Christmas Ever!!!!" and thanked us a million times. Oh my sweet boy...I'd give you the world if I could. How I love you so! 

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