{A JEEPin' good Christmas // 2020}

 Silly as it might be, putting these antlers and Rudolph's nose on the Jeep makes my heart so incredibly happy! I love to see the reaction of little kids when they notice it. It's the best! And it just looks so dang cute!!! 

Normally this time of year I would have lights and decorations all over the Jeep as well. We are usually in a few light-up Christmas parades in December, butttttttttttttttt COVID. Like everything else this year, all parades were canceled. Such a bummer! 

I still rocked the antlers and Rudolph nose, though! 

One day I was driving home from the store and saw my Best Friend Keri's Jeep at work and there was an empty spot next to her. I remembered she also had antlers and a Rudolph nose so I whipped in there and parked next to her! I had to get some pictures of the Jeeps together. All the while she and a coworker were watching me on their work cameras. haha! 

Always a JEEPin' good time!

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